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How many people read that several Chinese Team Championships?

Starry Light2010-01-22 18:01:46 +0000 #1
Now China is Asia's only first-class,
, but far from super-strong teams,

we recognized do?
masterpieces of worms2010-01-22 18:03:38 +0000 #2
I have taken seriously in every field!

My view is:

1. The player's individual skills and qualities are generally higher than Asian rivals.

2. Overall, the offensive mess, no tactics to speak of, are based on personal technology in the fight, even though you are passing, can be passed around, the effect is not neutral gear transmission, the last to rely on the player's personal ability to complete attack. Defense, on the whole was good, it is estimated that is the reason we are superior to other competitors, but the rebound control is a complete failure!

3. On the back, in fact, we can not blame our guard, guard ability, but also need for a series out, forwards, centers can not be a good Paowei and operation, always deserted, Jason Kidd to the Chinese team no good.

4. The Chinese team did not attach importance to their own ideological opponents. In Lebanon and Jordan can be seen playing out rivals aim to stand, us? It seems there are still a bit arrogant feeling.

5. I think that as long as the solution to our own problems, Asia is no opponent.

I also watched other teams play, feeling that they did not play how kind, including Jordan, Lebanon, including!

6. Guo Shiqiang, or tender points.
woshi0072010-01-22 18:37:40 +0000 #3
is estimated that the world through CCTV and other foreign television stations to watch the number of Basketball Championships have been more than 100 million visitors! Country basket barely won in Lebanon and Jordan, although the scores but it is difficult to win the applause! Many reasons! To support the new coach Xiao Guo! I believe that through the new and old mix and run the country level will enhance the basket!
mime882010-01-22 18:14:51 +0000 #4
read these games always feel that the current national team is less than the league when the Guangdong team. Not only attack non-parties, defense is not in place, although the new team formed not long, but the coach's methods and employing a number of times people are really anxious and hope the Chinese team in the following game by summing up, playing well, the final Get Champion啦!
Non-flower leaves2010-01-22 18:24:03 +0000 #5
I look at this from a few games, I feel the advantages of the Chinese team in Asia, is not particularly evident from a few opponents who can not see the kind of so-called vested with the competition while winning, but winning is not about good to see another in the current Chinese team in the guard position is the biggest weakness, fast enough to break through the limited capacity, making the score deadlocked at the time has become more passive. Can not be suddenly able to pass, such as the Jiang-Hua Chen (but this time you went into the national team), can pass can not be sudden, it would not have examples, and Sun Yue in the defense progressed, but his dribbling ability and seems to decrease , and is not smooth. A joint fact, really should learn from Luo Wei-Gaussian, accuracy rate is based on a breakthrough is to ensure that, in addition Yao boss and generally, to address these problems can be teams,



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