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CBA-point line problem

Rangers Life2010-01-16 00:25:15 +0000 #1
Will the CBA this season match the beyond the arc again drew a dotted line, What does it mean ah? Three-point line to expand now?
pairs of Jia Zi2010-01-16 00:30:58 +0000 #2
dotted line was not yet used to this year's playoffs on the dotted line to the present for the three-point line, and ahead of an earlier painting is to enable the players to adapt
Biscuit Laoxiong2010-01-16 01:14:45 +0000 #3
FIBA imitation NBA Update a few basketball rules, one of which is the third line from the current 6.25 meters to 6.75 meters to expand and will be implemented on the world championships in Turkey. CBA order to allow players to adapt to this change on the dotted line will be extended after the three-point line marked out.

In the regular season phase, three-point line or solid line to the playoffs likely will be dotted with the present as a one-third of the line.



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