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How to play small forward

cong53268882010-03-08 07:10:24 +0000 #1
I always can not get the ball, rebounding how looting
▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-03-08 07:22:14 +0000 #2

Ok .. I tell you. . . Carefully and slowly to see

remember to train more than other is their own mentality must maintain the best condition

the mentality of playing basketball is not to feel that they will maintain the mistakes will be well

let your body feel full open think that this is the value of the performance of their own to express themselves, when

(in fact, is his own greatest enemy, to hold his fear mentality,)

Then I tell you now rebounding skills and training methods

grab rebounds

to try to seize the position to seize the opponent and the basket between the favorable position. Grab offensive rebounds to judge when the ball impact point, using a variety of fake red robbed; grab defensive rebounds should pay attention to the actions of people with the turn blocked after the first block of people grab rebounds. Whether grab offensive or defensive rebounds, we must seize the opponent and the basket between the position.

Take-off before take-off moves the legs peg-leg, center of gravity lower, upper body slightly forward, his arms held in the side of the body elbow flexion, center of gravity placed between the feet, to observe the ball rebound to determine the direction of take-off time. Take-off feet firmly placed in the same time, arms on the pendulum, arm extension, waist coordination of force, fully extending his body, and control the body balance.

Challenge for the ball moves

sub-hands, with one hand and the Enlightenment from the ball. Rebound with both hands, the finger tip ball an instant, his hands grip the ball harder, waist and forced to quickly pull the ball were part of thorax and abdomen, while elbows outreach, in order to protect the ball. One-handed grab rebounds, jump the highest point, the finger tip ball, and rapidly flexor, wrist flexor, elbow closed arm, the ball down, the other hand on the ball retaining the ball in the abdominal area. Enlightenment from the ball is in the jump to the highest point, with the finger tip side of Enlightenment from the ball side, side or below the bottom.

Attack grabbed the rebound, or at or tipped in a shot or quick pass to the partner organization to re-attack; defense grabbed the rebound, or spread in the air or fall to the ground the ball or dribble breakthrough came quickly to pass a timely manner companion.

Action Points

rebounding, the key is to seize the position, to try to seize the opponent and the basket between the position. Offensive would like to emphasize the "raiding and looting"; defense would like to emphasize "block grab."

Right to vote movement elements of a rebound in basketball point of judging is not good, people compete for spaces does not actively block; take-off is not timely; challenge for the ball fall to the ground they did not protect the ball.

Stress rebound rebound correct method of the general laws, practice move, scramble, block people, take-off of the technical movement.

In the modern basketball, rebounding is an important factor affecting the outcome of one game. To the race to grab more rebounds, usually have to work hard in training, the saying goes, performance look attack, winning by defense, but rebounding is the offense and defense both have to focus on master key skills, is a key link in attack and defense conversion.

Technical Features

grab rebounds in basketball technology is an important technical part of any team in order to become excellent rebounding ace, you must have the following characteristics:

1.1 must have the courageous and tenacious style and every vote will be scrambling for ideas and actions to prepare

modern basketball high level of all-out confrontation, reflected in the fierce competition for rebounds, frequent and intense physical contact. Fear of contradicting, not physical contact of the athlete can not grab rebounds. If you can not with its opponents in intense physical confrontation, let rivals grab random bits, would be tantamount to a favorable position to grab rebounds, and cede the initiative to opponents, the opponent get rebounding advantage. "Two-win encounter the brave." The first is to develop bravery, tenacity, Ganpinganqiang style; In addition, we must do a good job every vote will be scrambling for ideas and actions to prepare, do not wait until the Zaiqu challenge for the ball often than the other slow by half a beat, loss of an excellent location and timing. A player's body no matter how good technical level, once the absence of such a vote must grab every sense, but also difficult to obtain rebounding advantage.

1.2 to master the basic law of rebound rebound rebound rebound

master the basic law was swift to make accurate judgments quickly and grab something to the location of the premise as soon as possible. Rebound rebound direction and shooting distance, angle, ring, backboard and the ball is closely related to the elastic. Must be familiar with the laws of rebounding and accurate shooting are not in the ball rebound to determine the direction and impact point to occupy a favorable position, timely take-off. To cultivate every vote will rob, and foreign investment within the looting, left (right) the right to vote (left), grab a good habit, the desire to enhance the rebounding and awareness in order to gain the initiative.

Shot a different angle also affect the direction of change in a rebound, generally in three ways:

1) at 45-degree angle shot, most of the bombs the ball around to the opposite 45-degree angle, or bounce back to the ipsilateral area.

2) in the central shoot, most of the fall on the front basket.

3) in the 0-degree angle shot, some of elastic 0-degree angle to the opposite side, the other the ball rebounded back to the same region or middle ground, shooting a high arc, then the ball rebound is also high, impact point closer; shooting arc low, The curvature of the ball rebound is also low, the ball impact point farther. Bank shot, a rebound force is small, find the ball close. If the backboard, ring and ball of the elastic large, then the distance the ball rebound; the other hand, the ball rebound from the past.

1.3 to enhance "block" and "impulsive," the sense of

to seize a favorable position to seize a favorable position is the key to rebounding. To develop a strong "partner", "red" consciousness, it is necessary to deeply understand the team rebounds in the game the important role to understand "who won the rebounding, and who will win" the truth. The importance of the rebound has sufficient knowledge in order to go all out to put in the rebound of the Pinqiang go. When the shooting shot, they should strive to seize the opponent and the backboard between the position for it to opponents behind him. If you can not grab inside position, we should also strive to rival the side to go. If it has been real opponents behind him, should strive to sow discord between the technology allows the ball to help their own re-take-off, and looting by the position, grab defensive rebounds were the key is blocked. Can be used before and after the turn of the ways to bring the opponents stand in the body behind the offensive player to the basket blocked impulse grab the line, while elbow flexion with open arms to increase the block's area, to prevent the opponent to squeeze. Grab the key in the red grab offensive rebounds. As people live outside attack, so when shot after shot, the ball flying in the air, it is necessary to determine the direction of the ball may rebound, enabling a sudden start, plunged into the defensive person, or a feint with such fake people to bypass the defensive challenge for the ball. Can also be turned and pushed people Shence defensive, to seize a favorable position.

1.4 and timely take-off, fully extend and expand the scope of

time control at the highest point of take-off in order to grab the rebound. Athletes before take-off, to occupy a favorable position, will my hand behind his back, knees bent to 135 degrees, his arms sag to expand control over an area of Jing-kang, his eyes watching the ball bounce further to determine the direction, height and impact point. Take-off legs and firmly placed in the same time, force on the pendulum arms, upper and lower limbs coordinated push as hard, try to jump to the highest point to go after rebounds. In parallel with the rival stations, or in a disadvantageous position, arms slightly open, move to the shoulders, expanding an area of space control and force the other's arm hard to give too much and disrupt the opponent's take-off and air movement. If the ball landed after take-off side or the rear, it is necessary to use waist strength, upper body and arms to stretch the ball to challenge for the ball. Take-off of the step to be used on the step, step, or withdrawal of the feet take-off stride. If the take-off before and the other had physical contact, contact the site should take the initiative, hardworking, top competitors rely on a letter to jump ahead of each other and maintain body balance.

1.5 aerial challenge for the ball to be solid, floor to protect strike

challenge for the ball in the jump-off and in the Pinqiang is intense, and grabbed the ball after the need to grip the ball firmly, otherwise, very easy to get lost it. Therefore, the take-off after they vacate their use shoulder, back blocking the other side, arm and body to fully stretch out your hands (or one-handed) challenge for the ball. Touched the ball in the fingertips, the waist force, flexor flexor wrist, recycling arm, pull the ball in the abdomen before. Challenge for the ball with one hand, another hand to the ball in time Fu Zhu. Challenge for the ball while both feet are generally after the landing, knees, lower center of gravity; upper body lean forward to maintain body balance. To take advantage of swivel, stride, constantly moving the ball position, to avoid each other looting, beating, or to dig the ball away from opponents on the side of protecting strike. Immediately before the rebound to grab the second attack of convergence; to grab the market rebounds quickly after the break dribble or pass fast break to launch counterattacks.

Strengthening the rebounding of the basic training

a no-ball training, to 1.1 feet Action

1) feint change to a team in the three-point line near the use of false moves from the defense, rushed into the basket.

2) around, stepping a team in a restricted zone, the pace of moves to circumvent the use of defensive players, rushed into the basket.

3) turned around a team free-throw line in the restricted area before or two lumbar (referring to the center) the use of before and after the turn around, get rid of defense, rushed into the basket.

2 has the ball training

2.1 personal training

1) to determine: Let players continuous shooting at different angles, experience, judge rebound position and respond to the general rule.

2) Since the throw from the looting: player throws the ball in the air (about 3 meters), in situ, or around the start to do a single-step sideways, challenge for the ball with both hands.

3) Since the vote since the looting: players shot after shot, using feints feint dashed step change to or around the basket and rebounding.

4) tipped in the ball with one hand dial: players will hit the ball after plate and onto a basket, jump aside with one hand ball or the ball tipped in the air care.

2.2 Two training

1) The two men standing on both sides of the basket rotation jump in the air with a single, hands care companions passed ball plate.

2) in pairs, A in the basket left (right) side of the shot, B the other side of the rebounding, A shot to the basket after washed grab.

3) coaches shot in different locations, two team members on both sides rebounding.

3 strengthening confrontational washed rebounding training

To enhance the red grab capacity, must be strengthened to combat training. Training methods can be used:

3.1, a one-team offensive and defensive training

a defensive attack on another person. Offensive player shot after the red from the defensive rebounder and defender who vigorously pursued.


2 pairs of two offensive and defensive training for the attacking side after the two shots to try to get rid of defense, rebounding, defending a speedy follow-up.


3 pairs of three offensive and defensive training with the attacking side after the shooting by three, and get rid of those red rebounding defense, defenders promptly adjust defensive positions, and always maintain a correct defensive position.


5 pairs of five offensive and defensive training in the form of competitions, the training impulse rebounding require offensive player in the pitch shot, the rebound quickly to determine the location, the use of fast footwork out of defense, to seize a favorable position, take-off time , grab the ball and tipped in or organization after the second attack, defensive player grabbed the rebound and looking for opportunities to pass the ball companion.

4. Physical training focused

focus on rebounding bounce and body coordination, making it a priority training: waist strength, coordination of legs and so forth.

Lou Zhu sure to refuel ----
ZYH63U42010-03-08 07:46:18 +0000 #3
To Dance
Rasual Butler _2010-03-08 07:55:39 +0000 #4
I am a playing small forward. Experience bar to talk to you!

First of all, playing small forward is not necessarily that there are a lot of rebounds, but it will steal, and get the ball on the hard ground the ball into the basket thinking is really impossible to be heard. You also have a good physical, as a small forward's mission is to prop up the team one days, your main task is to attack, we must learn to eat with others in the inside strong singles. And then either you need to have a high hit rate, as to how to improve the hit rate, is currently the only way to training every day. Small forward can be divided into two kinds of striker strikers and break forward, this should be your own choice, or you can both play. All in all, the small forward is to have a good scoring ability is the core of the team.

Hope that these help you!
Go to a pure menfolk2010-03-08 09:03:27 +0000 #5
multi Pao Wei. Anti-offside is very important to learn Inzaghi. . .
A74567262010-03-08 09:05:27 +0000 #6
street basketball is the case do I tell you the most fun SF games have this role in three-point shot Koulan rebounds in the cast, the average running ability to be fun, but levels of big-class small Xian Buchu Advantage
qw34as342010-03-08 09:19:39 +0000 #7
Small Striker (Small Forward) is a team player who scores the most important, must also have a good defense. A qualified small forward will not only have enough height in the low post scoring, but also have an excellent speed with fast-break and break score.

For small forward scores the most fundamental requirement is that the small forward shooting demands a tribute to one of the lowest position, in general, as long as four into five even get on the Qualified Sichengyishang are acceptable. Of course, there is a premise that he must be able to score. If a small forward for each game, was a seven, eight, hit rate is still only the pupils in, then it might as well tell him to bench forget. Anyway, why the small forward can compare the hit rates low? Because he was the team's leading scorer, he often must actively look for opportunities to shoot, we must at some point, stabilizing, or even a more difficult way to boost the morale of singles opponent, and even to the opponents Xiama Wei, head-on blow to the enemy and so on. Therefore, there will be more opportunities for small forward shot, and probably not very good opportunity, so we can allow him to lower the hit rate, as long as he can score so.

In my opinion, is divided into three steps:

1 do not always want to score, to pass a positive, so that you exercise at the same time, we can help others to progress, the only way companions will pass to you, so that , 2 months later with the passing of your shots will get progress.

2 can try to play more games with more than college students, through the games to enhance physical fitness, learning experience, human experience, and soon, you had to face opponents with the age, you will become cope with ease.

3 Finally do not forget spare no exercise, you can play with others during the day,1-2 hours at night with the cast and layup in practice (if your parents agree to it).

Hope, one year later, you can be successful. May not take a year Yo!

First introduces the characteristics of a small forward: "What is the all-around player?"

All-around player in basketball will be referring to in talking about the small forward, good shots inside and outside the field, as well as dribble, and other technology is also very skilled. Therefore we can say the role of other 4 people can play in the whole sense of the venue's most basketball players.

First of all, in the attack, the small forward can shoot the ball in the power of confrontation and strike a balance. You must first sharpen his own physique and muscle, in the event of confrontation can not be of high disadvantage, we still need more fixed-point shot and the basket exercises, adhere to a week to vote on almost 300 baskets.

Second, the small forward is usually responsible for steals and rebounds. Therefore, a small forward movement to rapidly require agile, bouncing full. So you need more practice grab plates and cuts, and peers in the high school game, or exercise his confrontation!

Once again, many small forwards players can act as a shooting guard that can play both positions at the same time the players are often called "swing man", you can try a guest back, looking at the outside shots, like rockets Tracy McGrady could be At the same time to play two positions, and attack power have strong organizational skills is not bad.

Also, since you have to spare no practice, remember, no matter what position, their own hard exercise is the most important, must pay attention to sharpen their mental qualities, in the contest to raise their own!

In short good defensive small forward to attack, you have to redouble our efforts to Yo!

Historic small forward players include: Larry was, Dominique Wilkins, Scottie Pippen, Julius Erving, James Worthy is still an active NBA small forward There Peja Stojakovic, Ron Artest, Shawn Marion, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Tayshaun Prince and so on. In addition, Dirk Nowitzki, while having to play small forward in technology and talent, but he played a game more forward role.



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