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Why does the Chinese player on the Jordan White, a breakthrough are blown defensive foul?

alanhuang09242010-01-22 19:01:15 +0000 #1
Why is White a breakthrough in Chinese players a block, stop attacking the Chinese team blew it? If you are the thugs foul I could understand, but the question is whether or not a lot of thugs, but stopped at the White breakthrough line, it must be the Chinese team foul, find this puzzling. It can also be依葫芦画瓢Chinese players to break through them ah, they do not have a blocking foul do?

1. Please elaborate on who, and I stopped and gave the driver the difference between attacking and dribbling? If it is in the NBA, White's number of breakthroughs that can be caused by the Chinese team is still cheap?

2. For a similar breakthrough in White, how to how to do a successful defensive blocking foul without being blown it?

2009-08-13 16:37 supplementary question, the first question means that White is also a breakthrough as well as China's defense, according to NBA rules, are still occupied by the Chinese team cheap?
masterpieces of insect2010-01-22 19:05:53 +0000 #2
White was a cattle man.

FIBA rules, the right breakthrough is to protect the players ball, the opponent ball break, you just l hand, basically you'd be blown. This will not be there in the NBA.

1. And gave the driver with the block, the biggest key point is who should do the movements. Defensive Player of the opponent before the start, we stand firm, and note the firm, and the two collide, the ball is the butt. If the defender did not stand firm, or take-off, asking for any action, it is blocked. Generally made with the ball and gave the driver, are defense players dry. The team members were breaking their own breakthrough in accurately judging the opponent's line, and then stand firm on the road, the adversary is a foul up.

NBA Inside there is reasonable collision zone, that is, under the basket that half of arc-arc collision is offensive foul outside, inside the arc, no matter who should move, are defensive foul.

Look at the Rockets game, we know, Chuck Hayes, Shane Battier, Scola, are making a master of offensive fouls.

2. Prevention of such highly skilled individuals, the only defense. One on one is difficult to guard.

Why did the U.S. team will lose? Is because they did not break defense, the players and the highly skilled individuals, but in the face two or three defense players, will be very difficult.

Post player to protect the location, at the same time, pay attention to defense.

Our team being a breakthrough, after Wright, but also dash, it will naturally foul, still have to defend lot.
Hidden wing2010-01-22 19:18:51 +0000 #3
Yes, the referee whistled for there is no problem, no matter where the Chinese players will be blowing foul. However, the basket in the NBA in a reasonable collision zone, in this region where there is no offensive foul, and only defensive foul, an international not.

Offensive foul with the ball and gave the driver, blocking bad foul, shoulders sink squeeze open defensive players, but if the defensive player in the NBA where a reasonable stand inside the collision zone, then there would be no offensive foul only have defensive foul. This is not in the international competition there, which is caused by one of the reasons the U.S. team lost. Sometimes collisions are not fouls, there are several reasons: 1: It may be reasonable collision 2: It may be home-court advantage 3: It may be reasonable physical contact is not a matter of fact sometimes foul blow, only a concept at the referee and sometimes they can blow may from time to blow This will depend on referees, but you may rest assured the referee he would blow the wrong one, will give you fill one of the. immediately blow the wrong one to the other party. but relatively more defensive fouls, such as: thugs, and Latin American people, pushing people, stop, there are people with stomachs the top ... ... ... ...

The best prevention is to use the body stick to a breakthrough offensive player, so that attacking players can not speed up the break.



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