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Dongguan, Guangdong Province this season, banks have lost before? Who lost it?

Howard Anderson2010-03-08 09:11:38 +0000 #1

Shin-Etsu Silicone2010-03-08 09:21:46 +0000 #2
Beijing January 17 evening ,2009-10 season, CBA into the first 13 race. Bank of Dongguan, Guangdong, Xinjiang Guanghui lost by 96-99 at home to 11 winning streak this season, suffered the first defeat, while defending champion home 32 winning streak; and Xinjiang Guanghui awarded the hosting of seven in a row!

Guangdong Dongguan Bank starting lineup: Jiang-Hua Chen, Zhu Fangyu, Wang Shipeng, DONG Han-lin, David - Harrison

Xinjiang Guanghui starting lineup: Xu Chong, Murat, Xue Yuyang, Battle, the West River

4 Heat a specific score for the 28-18,24-24,21-30, and 23-27 (Dongguan, Guangdong bank first). Dongguan, Guangdong Bank side, Zhu Fangyu hit six three-pointers led all scorers with 32 points, Tony Parker had 15 points, 7 assists and 5 steals recorded; Xinjiang Guanghui side, Charles led all scorers with 27 points and 13 rebounds, 15 points recorded Xu Chong, Battle, and Mai Long - Allen each added 14 points, scored 12 points, West River heat.
Love the situation Maple2010-03-08 09:39:35 +0000 #3
lost the games Xinjiang
Xiao-Chun Tian Flower2010-03-08 10:30:33 +0000 #4
January 18th home loss to Xinjiang Guanghui, now we're lost in a
love NBA Support2010-03-08 10:08:27 +0000 #5
January 18th home loss to Xinjiang Guanghui, at present on the lost a



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