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With regard to administrative villages of sports building

start Shuai2010-03-08 10:10:34 +0000 #1
our village Zhangqiu Shandong Jinan, a county-level administrative villages of population 3000! The economic situation in the village should be able to! There are private enterprises! Villagers income can! However, even a basketball court in our village do not have! We are in consultation to build a village party secretary Duo Cizhao basketball court! But he is not always to the ground Tuituo idle land in the past! In fact, idle land for the village! Have been privately sold, he is no way! People have the final say! Seeing that we have met with the neighboring village and sports facilities available in our village do not even have a basketball court! To play basketball, go to next village! I want the prawns were knowledgeable about the law help out! To see how to solve?
vqsq1234562010-03-08 10:22:59 +0000 #2
You can find him a good talk, it is not, obtain other people looking for a few standing to talk to him, if the not, look for office than he who re-talk to write together or villagers suggested the letter, the total is not useful Bu Zhiyu a bar! Kidding, Bie Xianguai, I wish you good luck that, there must be self-confident.

By the way, incidentally, should the soft tone of voice is soft, to hard when you must be hard!



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