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How do I stretch the Achilles tendon? Enhance the bounce?

W2010-01-22 19:01:34 +0000 #1
My height 175, thin, but the legs quite rough, but I could not jump high, look at James, Kobe Bryant NBA found that very thin legs (some say it is not thin, but the Achilles tendon length, it seems fine) are very good bounce . I am now skipping a day 1000, but he's not enough, want to know how to give me the guidance of the guide, thank you. . .
mountain commoner2010-01-22 19:11:17 +0000 #2
rely mainly on the legs of the explosive jumping, rope skipping, of course also a very good training methods. I suggest that you try using the following methods:

1, barbell squat load: 80% strength, each 3-5 times, do 8-10 group. Do a good job warming-up, pay attention to posture and prevent injuries; the first group and last group to be 20-30% intensity, fast many times; each group to do between the rapid run 30 meters, also can be done quickly if the unconditional Gaotai legs to run.

2, bunker straight squat vertical jump: 10 times each, do 8-10 group. Attention to the full force, vertical upward; three minutes between each group of 3, Leapfrog: each 10 times, doing 8-10 group. Attention to the full force, as well; three minutes between each group.

Should pay special attention to the protection and exercise of ankle joint. Should pay special attention to make preparations!



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