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NBA star Allen Iverson demand for the evaluation of

_ Light singing fans Wan2010-03-08 18:10:09 +0000 #1
Thank you for Au,
zazsasjay2010-03-08 18:20:53 +0000 #2
"Forgive me the following statement - a great player is no stopping, even if he was born was a very small package . ". "- NBA commissioner David Stern

" He is willing to spend money that will allow me to buy a ticket to see him play one. "- Phil Jackson

" AI was asleep when the sub-my entire career than to be entitled to more. "- Shane Battier (2007.1.13 said with a smile after the game)

" As a NBA player, Allen Iverson should be set up as a general self-confidence. "- Michael Jordan

" For me, keeping Iverson is indeed a difficult challenge, he is the fastest player I've ever seen! - Scottie Pippen

"In normal circumstances, defending his players that if, in his first start, he could not keep up with the pace, it was inevitable that he would be a breakthrough. He is the fastest league players, many people have tasted the bitterness of Allen Iverson, he is simply too fast, venue suddenly seemed to him a few meters short. "- Buckley

" He's the whole team have become very difficult to beat , you had to spend too much effort to deal with him, he is the hardest NBA defensive player, this guy's explosive too strong. "- Pistons coach Kaerlisi

" full of obvious talent and brilliance of Allen Iverson more challenging, if you hear the audience humming and surprise on the issue of sound, it is certainly what Allen Iverson has made a difficult move to do a 。"--" Magic "Johnson

" Perhaps he really walk, but I do not care a bit and see if he dribble, like a piece of art appreciation. It really is intoxicated. "- Phil Jackson

" He took on the old favorite jump, but that is not in the basket in the players from the jumper. I ask you, last time I saw him pick and rolls action is a history of how long ago? "In contrast to the body completely vulnerable circumstances, people really felt that he was so an incredible fighter, is a great player - Larry Brown (the contradictions behind the bitterness)

"to the people of his stature that he can not do a lot of things, but he has to demonstrate that people are wrong, he is a great The player, who also denied them. "- Jordan

" Iverson is the kind of go all out every day, full competitiveness in the player. "He is a Hall of Fame-level player, you will not want, and so Players do teammate Yao? "- James

" The answer "yes" incredibly talented player, "- Kevin Garnett

" He is like a trumpet version of me - courage, invincible, and never complain. - Miami's Shaquille O'Neal

"No one stopped to let him." - Nets Carter

"You can stop him, but you can not let him stop. He had never given up on competition." - Magic Team Hill

"He's always been a superstar, a charismatic player, which we no doubt." - NBA commissioner David Stern



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