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Tomorrow, January 8 NBA regular season to win the Bobcats Knicks do? ? Expert told me beg NBA

qq4609442272010-03-08 18:10:36 +0000 #1
seek expert told me, oh, must be accurate.
Big sushi2010-03-08 18:20:27 +0000 #2
It depends on strength of teams and field staff of the state, as well as mood, luck, etc.
memory Guai withered Ling2010-03-08 18:33:36 +0000 #3
Arenas but at the moment can not be enough to choke the current state of the Knicks play bad bad Bobcats win relatively large probability
do not understand the dream dream interpretation teacher2010-03-08 19:08:01 +0000 #4
difficult, Bobcats Cavaliers are now faced with victory, while the Knicks ranking now much worse than the Knicks, Bobcats, within the current defense is perfect, Nick Sri Lanka have accounted for a little cheaper than suits online, lynx is dynamic and will use their strength to make up for their deficiencies in other areas, can not win, it's offensive to see Bobcats, and Lynx if the attack is not good, New York can still triumph
D_ magic2010-03-08 19:26:40 +0000 #5
you have read not to know

I think we can put
lazio20092010-03-08 19:41:03 +0000 #6
it is necessary to win!
Di Greek2010-03-08 20:11:03 +0000 #7
should be
Tea Fragrance Spreading South Seas2010-03-08 21:37:18 +0000 #8
the basketball court, a miracle took place, there is no absolute certainty who is able to defeat, just as the Lakers to the Clippers. A typical David and Goliath. However, the recent trend of view, lynx is more chance of winning big.
lixinze9292010-03-08 19:24:06 +0000 #9
hard to win,

now in good shape for the Bobcats,

you look at the Bobcats this season's performance,

won a lot of teams.

However, the rapidly changing situation on the pitch,

the king is not the situation in backward 36 minutes to complete reversal of the blue sky do.

Hard to say,
, but in order to strength, I am more optimistic about lynx.
ÅB one-stop 丨 兲 Wang2010-03-08 19:52:02 +0000 #10
Bobcats win big chance, but I believe the Knicks can kill the cat
Streamer DAY2010-03-08 21:06:59 +0000 #11
if the Bobcats play Jordan on behalf of the case, lynx Wynn



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