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What basketball is better

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I may give you some of the selected balls of experience.

1st look at for reference only touched the ball feel

second look at working. Note that the glue between skin working the ball to.

3rd weigh weight. Watching pop-up height.

Basketball provides: 21, basketball, the ball should be a

● is spherical, and circular. Black seam, can be a dark orange-yellow or orange. FIBA approved jointly bright brown color.

● Each ball 8-12 seam, each seam not more than 6 Dian 35 mm.

● the scope of all the men's game, the ball shall not be less than the circumference of not more than 749 millimeters and 780 millimeters (7 balls), and the weight of the ball shall not be less than 567 grams and not more than 650 grams.

● the scope of all the women's competition, the ball shall not be less than the circumference of not more than 724 millimeters and 737 millimeters (6 goals), and the weight of the ball shall not be less than 510 grams and not more than 567 grams.

In addition, give the ball to the free-fall 180CM let the ball touch the ground after the bounce height should be between 120-140CM (about the Department of belt parts). That can not be definitely non-match ball

Basketball's brand a lot

domestic Recommended Pick and STAR (STAR)

Spalding basketball is possible at 200 yuan to buy a really

But one thing is not wrong The

Spalding has a replica ball is another family not come out and cheer on the

is not that about 300 yuan shall seek

Let's used by ordinary people with inside a 100 yuan can be a

game ball most of all above 400

for buying time to look at hand, a further look at PU leather and adhesive at the workmanship. The leather ball is available in the market will work. Present are basically PU's

hope my answers help you

This information is from my previous answer information. Is purely their own conclusion.
q6548847652010-03-08 20:50:33 +0000 #3
Spalding is to see you come back to indoor or outdoor basketball court basketball
love the roll of up to2010-03-08 20:43:56 +0000 #4
Nike Rubber Ball
Mirage の glass2010-03-08 21:20:36 +0000 #5
Spalding, NBA designated ball, Jordan James of these resistance Comparison of some fancy g
qu4682010-03-08 22:34:54 +0000 #6
Spalding that can be
yezi524102010-03-08 21:17:31 +0000 #7

feel good -
囧 plus 槑2010-03-08 21:26:39 +0000 #8
Spalding feel good

nike resistance to fight



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