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Special advisory reported that large, how the game of basketball referees gesture!

qiaole327_ly5zb2010-01-22 21:01:10 +0000 #1
Recent blowing forces on the game, there are many more than 16 large (78,61,67, etc.). Do not know how to solve, please understand, under the Big Brother Big Sister pointing, thank you!

2009-08-12 10:14 supplementary question, more than 20 hand gestures is not turned over say then? Palm inward, back of the hand outward. Because of the referee so that he did not know that not? Please give the latest interpretation of the rules, thank you
SPIRIT - MOONJT2010-01-22 21:07:03 +0000 #2
front of the stage reported in the record number of players. A total of 12 rules a.4-15 number, make a fist gesture for the 10 digits, boxing should be clenched fist heart forward, fingers to single digits, fingers open palm forward. Gestures should be strong and clear.

Gesture with the same high-fat, leave the body.

B. reported that more than 16 numbers, the rules did not figure, are unified as follows: to do the second gesture, done for the first time gesture, you must go, and do a second gesture, gestures and use spoken language. a. reported that when the No. 16 -19: the first reported fist gesture, the second gesture reported 6-9.

B. reported 20, 30, ... ... No. 90: the first reported gestures, No. 2, -9, the second gesture reported fist.

C reported 21-29,31-39,41-49 and so on, the first gesture reported that No. 2-9, the second gesture reported 1-9.



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