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Wade's fans learn how to trace step

bailuyang11992010-03-08 23:10:44 +0000 #1
I want to learn Wei Story Behind his steps require physical strength of that part of how practice?
▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-03-08 23:18:00 +0000 #2
Hello ---

ok .. I tell you. . . Carefully and slowly to see

remember to train more than other is their own mentality must maintain the best condition

the mentality of playing basketball is not to feel that they will maintain the mistakes will be well

let your body feel full open think that this is the value of the performance of their own to express themselves, when

(in fact, is his own greatest enemy, to hold his fear mentality,)

Then I started step by step detailed explanation of the cross-step break

[action method ] to his right foot so central foot, for example. Feet or so to open cases, knees peg-leg, the body center of gravity lower, between the ball and the chest and abdomen.

Break when the inside of his left foot before the soles of his feet quick tread, the body slightly right, the left shoulder forward under the pressure, center of gravity to the right in front of moving to the right side of his left foot in front of and together, cited on the right side of the ball, then dribble , central pedal forward and together quickly overtook the defensive.

[Action point] tread across a positive, switch to probe the shoulder to protect the ball

ball-handling in order to break through, make a breakthrough, eventually get offensive player's body in the past Caixing. Rely on the body led the pace! Therefore, the pace of action is

the most critical, the following is my personal right dribble extraordinary time (of course, at other times the pace of action is also important) the pace of action some of my thoughts:

1: lower center of gravity. Please do note that the so-called lower center of gravity does not exactly mean you can be a Bayao bend down to knees rather than bending over! ! ! Of course, there are other supportive actions, professional team in general is to ask the rise, side shoulder and elbow lift (open circuit rather than the elbow elbows beating, the amateur player not to learn it worth mentioning).

2: Shun-step and cross step. This is a fundamental breakthrough in the two-step. Shun-step is a breakthrough, the first step front foot (in a breakthrough in the direction of your subject), cross-step, then, is the first step on the list in the foot. Shun-step has the advantage of quick, before it starts to focus on the front of the feet, legs rearward kind of like spring is compressed, which is the key to quick start! ! ! ! Front foot forward and then across, the equivalent of opening a compressed spring, does not want to rush out and go Bu Xingle. The disadvantage is that protection is not enough, and sometimes fast-moving opponents, to judge good and you move forward to the route card, you can greatly interfere with the formation of the offensive players. Cross-step with the cis-step not the same, it is the first step on the list of the foot, start method is the same, compression + release. Since it is the first step on the list of the feet, then obviously it starts more slowly, but it has the advantage of once the only step to the foot, your entire leg (in addition to your body) can completely block an attempt to occupy the offensive line of your opponent . Shun-step is generally when the body before the change to use, cross-step, then, under cross-time, of course, before the body can also use the cross-step, after all, before the change to the body is the most commonly used.

3: Body + pace + Body + Ball drew attention to the order of the body forward, pedal to the body by (to defensive players who rely on, stand in his return to anti-routes), the ball just need to bring over, touched by their rivals to the on-line - of course, if you are playing street ball, is another matter, but the playing street ball to be extraordinary that, the have to follow some basic guidelines for extraordinary only in the past.

4: positive feint It is also very common, but end up saying, then, the more, and here I only mention the main points. A breakthrough in the direction of false feint must use the toes touch the ground in order to ensure a speedy return to the body shell, of course, if your opponent vegetables, the body can not move, he cheated death, then you do not must-see them, and

In fact, extraordinary To increase the speed of rhythm! If you have absolute speed, then I think goes without saying! As long as the distance

from the curtain, with the first under the speed of bypassing the opponents! (Provided you have a certain point technology, otherwise the first practice point)

Last not have Dwyane Wade windmill layup with sudden two people do

I have to explain all under the original -

WADE the fan trace step 啦
First of all to our own speed and explosive force should have self-confidence and that is his own dribble, as well as a breakthrough must be very strong

super-extraordinary people behind the ball an instant breakthrough in separation of

(Note: In a few eyes when they do not look to be a breakthrough look next to it will mislead the direction of defender 2)

faster right-hand margin must be very shun bigger does not hesitate -

opportunities all the time so make sure you grasp grasp! ! !

Then there WADE upwind car (which is also part of a large windmill layup, but a reversal only)

to be more practice makes perfect - fuel - Baidu is still questionable, the message I


Lou Zhu slowly to see Kazakhstan
wskly198812282010-03-08 23:58:14 +0000 #3
This week's "Basketball Garden" which, on the extraordinary WADE, Zhang Weiping to the introduction.
00liuyu002010-03-08 23:42:14 +0000 #4
Some things can not get to the good fight one's own style
lwenjiewf2010-03-09 00:12:34 +0000 #5
in fact, his speed is yellow Mo Fabi's

some things can not learn, but you can practice more Well. Will certainly be improved

Multi develop their own on the pitch tide of consciousness, can be successful



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