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Friends, where are you2010-01-22 21:02:07 +0000 #1
Why is it like to use Liu Wei Guo Shiqiang? Why is Liu Wei, Guo Shiqiang always used to do starting point guard? Take a look at the recent competition bar. Liu looked at a recent game, and then ever more uncomfortable - Liu Wei's performance is also an Asian basketball power, as the starting point guard? A look at today's performance, the ball one to Liu Wei's hands, do not know how to pass the ball, attack on the rotation is not up, organizations do not move the ball to a standstill; but he still has a four fouls (can not keep up the pace of the other ). Have been replaced by the middle of Qing-Peng Zhang is right, and do not know what the root ribs Guo Shiqiang take wrong, and later replaced by Liu Wei, and then attack becomes very bad. Qing-Peng Zhang, today you can see how good the performance, even if the incumbent, he should also change Peace and Harmony, ah. Why do they go to Liu Wei, the performance of so many opportunities, do not give time to give Peace and Harmony? Peace and Harmony, the problem is the adaptability of international competitions, but also psychological problems. Why not give a point of time to allow him to spend more to adapt to the Peace and Harmony? Why is coach the players do not understand the psychological adjustment in the end? You can see the Chinese soccer team that year Milutinovic of how well the psychological adjustment. I do not understand why so like Liu Wei Guo Shiqiang, we say why they like to use Liu Wei, Guo Shiqiang.

Dongxiao2010-01-22 21:13:42 +0000 #2
Liu Wei physically strong and can defend, and experienced. Guo could not have him? ? Besides, he was Yao's teammates. Guo's take a look at Yao Ming's face the
sky full of stars light2010-01-22 21:07:40 +0000 #3
Contest more experienced,

the other two people to play is not always a stable guard ah

is a common problem

the current co-ordination of this national team is far to skilled Level

Very often I miss the days of Yao

is estimated that there are many of them think so
little people come to soak Network2010-01-22 21:41:17 +0000 #4
long as it is seasoned, experienced the highest height, and my heart good quality small mistakes, but often this big sticky ball Error another solid defender, he did not trust it is not Guo Shiqiang



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