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Enhancing how only then one-third of the ball? ? At least be able to easily stick frame. . .

Butterfly language Love Story2010-03-09 02:11:02 +0000 #1
I was playing guard, and be able to point, and occasionally also play points in tricks, break can also be,

2-point shot is also okay, but they are one-third of the ball may fail at is the feeling of standing in one-third of the main

lines, if using a standard two-point shooting position, I will take a larger effort in order to vote on the basket, feeling more strenuous, and the ultra-low hit rate, but the third line into the step and I will be able to smoothly Dropping the two-point shot is the psychological pressure, or Yao? ?

So I generally do not take two-thirds vote, then how can the one-third of practicing Well?

I was kind of prefer running in the shooting, the feeling of running over the standing pull-shot and more accurate number, but in three partitions, in general, impossible to elegant two-thirds vote in the bar.

I just wanted to practice the kind of in-situ dry pull-third of, may I ask how can we vote Well? ? ? The biggest problem is that I was standing three-point line that, standing stem is either three non-stick pull, or position in order to vote out James distortion box or hit the board, would like to be able to easily cast reaches out to the first basket on a good stick , and quasi-degree to adjust slowly, slowly practicing Well, ask how you practice that one-third of ah? ? ? ? The best way is? ? ? ?

▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-03-09 02:22:00 +0000 #2
hello -

I voted for about three hours practicing basketball tips ---

3 hours long shot 3-pointers technical know-how:

1, "shot starting from the feet "is the absolute truth, especially for one-third of the ball that moves, for the amateur team, the jumper (that is the kind of jump shots later, not incidentally, jump in) one-third is too difficult for action, it is recommended do not have to be mastered in many cases ground-launched to deal with an amateur level has had enough. One-third of the ball for the power to require higher, advised Members must not be too sure your arm can provide so much power and so the use of force accuracy. Knees and the rebound can get a great inertia force is conducive to the hands of more forces to target.

2, the hands of the training movements is difficult to describe in words, only with training before they can go to their own experience. To achieve dynamic stereotype, so that my hands, arms can have a very stable feel.

3, three-point basket of the aiming point is generally long-distance point, into the basket height typically require a high, almost as high as possible, but when the shot to have a sense of high investment, of course, the beginning of unsuitable However, some time after training, may feel good, especially the two-thirds vote allowed friends can try to use a high arc to vote, and perhaps give you a surprise.

4, fired at the corner is more difficult (due to the relationship between the eye target, there is no frame of reference), but this place is often the opportunity to vote two-thirds up, so this place must pay attention to multi-shot training, the training is to improve the level of the only way!

5, in a defense case, the third shot the ball on the break should be combined, (shooting and breakthroughs that can not be separated), but this point is almost no what to say, anyway, is to go to practice, in the game slower go slow feeling.

In general to be step by step basis if there are some shots from the free-throw line can start practicing non-stop around the pitch there is a chance to practice when your hit rate remained stable at 60% or so could be the distance increase your distance to practice a half-step is also in the hit rate of 100 molecules

60 or so plus a half step until the half-step free-throw line over the distance but also to say that one-third of the ball overnight can be practiced in order in the race to maintain a stable one-third of the ball you have to like the NBA is often practiced in one-third of a season striker at best can only achieve 40% or so

However, there are a few shots of the premise

posture must be correct both in general and shooting Or jump shot which is the premise of all this a little that Baidu search online there are many of them are worth learning and reference later

you will find is an easy shot to do the correct action sufficiently strong arm gently wave the ball entered the header

When you feel a very great effort is necessary to consider their own action and strength

Action force as the premise, combined with sufficient exercise to improve hand I think you will be able to become a master

there is to say yes Either you do not vote to vote must be determined must have confidence

One last point: study hard and seriously life, cherish the time, love people around! ! !
1F2U3C4K2010-03-09 02:48:08 +0000 #3
this problem is very simple, I just started practicing three hours is also a feeling of strength is not enough emphasis on strength when the pitching position on the variant of the. Later I asked my coach, he said that there are mainly physical disharmony wrist force and arm. Do not know if you see never seen Slam Dunk, which pay Anxi Sakuragi pitch when the body shot of the moment, should be like spring-like, from the feet, begin to exert feel there are forces have been from the feet to the leg to the waist to the shoulder to the elbow and finally to the wrist, when the forces reach your wrist, it is also the most to the point of your jump time, and then when your wrist downward to gentle rejection of the movement to do to reach the basketball throw, and shooting, it is necessary first-line 3:00 into the eye - in the hands of the ball - basket. There are two-thirds vote of the moment must be a hand-cast, and the other a hand only play a supporting role. May start when you practice will feel very awkward, so do not get the ball first, imagine your hands with the ball facing the basket and do another action, such as the action so skilled, and in the ball exercises. The beginning will do, basketball, the thing is to rely on talent and effort.

Last Tip: two-thirds vote is a wrist force, arm strength, power, a combination of eyesight, would like to learn well the hardship must make preparations.
Lei Allen2010-03-09 03:09:37 +0000 #4
, actually, the so-called methods are the lack of practicality, to tell you ways you can train well-thirds do? That which so many NBA coaches can not be made to teach numerous marksman? Each NBA player training in time to cast the number of balls and there is what strength training? For what? Qinnengbuzhuo, a large number Enhancing first-hand third of the training is a fundamental, while wrist force can try to give dumbbell exercises, swimming, exercise flexibility and coordination, and the last to tell you a very useful skill. Psychology suggests that you do before pitching motion, in their hearts to tell their own will into the will be very effective. You can try. I do when playing, and its effectiveness.
xzx11152010-03-09 03:04:21 +0000 #5
If you want to practice one-third of the ball you are standing a little behind the three-point line started practicing one-third of the money five-point that point repeatedly practicing every day. I believe you will have the results of



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