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Camby VS Shane Battier who is better defensively? ? ?

Butterfly language Love Story2010-03-09 02:11:21 +0000 #1

lysrd2010-03-09 02:18:14 +0000 #2
simply not a level. Camby Defensive good look to see the race data is not blown out of so-called experts, he is a center only blocks, but also because the regular defensive leakage person one on one defense is also very general. Shane Battier is not just a single anti-ability, and more importantly, assist in the defense and team defense capability unmatched Union, is the so-called "one air defense lived a people," a large area on the pitch were enveloped in his defense, the see if he again and again create offensive foul on the know. All in all, Camby is the height and bounce through the purpose of cap; Battier rely on technology and awareness of the purpose of defense.
yqf632718658652010-03-09 02:57:03 +0000 #3
Marcus Camby is a post player, a strong defense capability, one-man defensive capabilities, the Shane Battier is a perimeter defender, Shane Battier's team with a strong defense capability, the ability I think than the man - Camby improves, but they are no comparable position is different defensive player.
hansshao2010-03-09 03:32:46 +0000 #4
Location not the same as

hard to be compared, a good interior defender, of course, Marcus Camby, Marcus Camby also contribute rebounds, but it can be put forward Shane Battier, guard, swingman, the key is the spirit of good health, right the role of statistics are reflected in the team is not out of the possible role of a larger

a purely personal views
yinming852010-03-09 04:04:31 +0000 #5
two people are not right place, but also statistical data on the role of such players is not large, Camby honor biba Till more, but as a team player, I will always support Battier.
yhq_78122010-03-09 04:26:48 +0000 #6
Shane Battier
owenshanghai2010-03-09 03:55:18 +0000 #7
Shane Battier
sharke Cloud2010-03-09 04:24:36 +0000 #8
Shane Battier is a defensive specialist like James, Kobe Bryant 牛逼 swing people, and contribution data not shown, can imagine the difficulty in scoring defense the machine, so no just like the
Xiaohao Musou2010-03-09 03:54:51 +0000 #9
they are no comparable position is different defensive player.
y895402010-03-09 02:49:53 +0000 #10
Shane Battier is still relatively cow! !
Mai Tai ↑2010-03-09 04:29:25 +0000 #11
2 people are not playing a position, hard to say. If the theory of comprehensive strength, then Marcus Camby should be strong, because it can take hours, get plates, cap. But Shane Battier is only suitable for anti-perimeter players have had zero number of points, but can not be denied, he is a defensive genius!



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