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nike dream season of Jiaogan how like?

tongjiadi2010-03-09 05:10:59 +0000 #1
I know that the ds forefoot zoom Air lunar hind paw but did not know how lunar wear Jiaogan like? I can not wear knee is something wrong with the hard bottoms of shoes ... There tpu What are the benefits of foreign end?
asuka0403222010-03-09 05:19:13 +0000 #2
This is the basic pairs of shoes that high to help Kobe 4th generation - Kobe shoes you can rest assured - the basic is very soft - very comfortable - very light --- Gao Gang, then right foot can be better protected -TPU outer end of the technology is ADIDAS bar - is to increase the Jiaogan and grip. should be the dream season with XDR outsole. . In fact, I think it is a gimmick NIKE - known to increase the wear resistance of shoes - suitable for outside games to play. . . But it's precisely this way - can not really run into a concrete floor, or play several times -



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