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Yao Ming's injury

Love superconductors2010-03-09 05:11:06 +0000 #1
will have a major injury after Yao Ming Yao?

Very worried that if re-injured, will not see his game.
buy house named Wu2010-03-09 05:23:52 +0000 #2
it would hard to say, then great tall, competition intensity was so large, do not hurt bad if it tried.

I hope that will not hurt bar.
owenshanghai2010-03-09 05:50:00 +0000 #3
Ticker July 2, according to experts, Fran NBA's official website - more than Linbo Li reported that Yao Ming has decided to adopt the surgery to treatment and rehabilitation is not an ideal left foot fracture, Yao Ming is expected to miss half the season before比赛. From entry into the NBA since the struggle with Yao Ming has been working with injuries, let us look at Yao Ming's injury history of his career -

the absence of matches played (regular season)

02/03 Season: 0 field; 03/04 season : 0 field; 04/05 season: 2 games; 05/06 season: 25 games; 06/07 season: 34 games; 07/08 season: 27 games; 08/09 season: 5 games.

Total absence of 93 career games, missed 91 games the past four seasons.

2003 wounded brow, Yao finished his first NBA season, after the journey back to the domestic and the National Basketball Championships preparations, but the race in his training squad, as teammates on the capping basket, left brow inadvertently crashed through, sew the 8-pin. However, after the injury than for the injured Yao Ming can only be regarded as a mere trifle.

Right big toe injury in June 2004, along with Yao Ming and the national team to participate in the national team training camp in Dallas, but in training, Yao's right big toe injury inadvertently trampled by teammates, but a few days later, Yao Ming The big toe nail was again stepped out half, let Yao Ming's toes to become the key to his injuries, followed by constant injuries around the toes.

Calf injury

March 31, 2005, rocket away against Portland, when the pioneers of the backup center Ha Seung-Jin is a Korean. The face of Yao Ming, Ha Seung-Jin abnormal brutal style of play, he heavily in the race to the top of the calf Yao Ming, Yao was placed over the game on his leg, while the examination after the game, Yao's legs have been swollen up.

Left ankle injury the summer of 2005, Yao Ming in the United States accepted the removal of bone spurs in his ankle surgery.

Left big toe injury (missed 20 games)

is the big toe, but this time in the December 19, 2005, Yao was that the paronychia, which is a long nail into the meat after the infected disease. Said at that time the situation is very serious, the doctor said it might even lead to infection of the bone necrosis of the toes, such a grave situation, Yao Ming has no other way for a month-long truce. In the following October 10, 2006, Yao Ming received his left big toe nail removal surgery, the surgery is mainly to make Yao a new toenail grow back as soon as possible.

Left little toe fracture

April 11, 2006, rocket away to jazz festival was in the first 4 minutes left, when Yao Ming in each other's Andrei - Andrei Kirilenko tipped in the head to complete However, when stepped on the floor Deron - Williams's feet, causing fracture of his left little toe.

Right foot ankle injury

October 27, 2006, in Yao Ming's broken little toe has just been restored long ago, the rockets and magic of the preseason in Section II, Yao Ming's ankle injury end his right foot a rest. But this time the injury is not too heavy, in the Rockets trainer's help, Yao quickly recovered and did not affect the 5 days after the regular season.

Right leg fracture (absent 32 games)

December 24, 2006, in Houston and Los Angeles Clippers game, Yao capping Tim - Thomas and the other in the air when approached Thomas hit the floor after Yao Ming The calf, Yao painful and was immediately taken to hospital. Yao proved the final diagnosis of tibial fractures, to miss 32 regular-season games.

Left foot stress fracture (absent in 27 games)

February 27, 2008, Yao was diagnosed with a left foot stress fracture, Yao Ming to miss this season's 27 races remaining until the return just before the Olympic Games competition .

Right knee injury

January 24, 2009, in the rocket and Indiana's game, Yao Ming's knee because of falling sick from overwork, in the game suddenly felt pain, in support of the two was untenable after the end leave in the second half. However, in X-ray inspection, Yao's knee no big problem, he continued the remainder of the season expedition.

Left foot fracture (the absence of screening unknown)

May 10, 2009, rocket expedition in western semi-final away win in the first case of the Lakers, the Rockets lost the second. In the third game, Yao Ming, his left foot from the sect began to feel there is a continuous occurrence of injuries, he limped to the end one of the last two minutes, but the situation did not improve. Check the proof of Yao's left foot after the game appeared in the fracture silky hair, unable to attend the rest of the playoffs.

to magic Saint Division2010-03-09 06:07:11 +0000 #4
Beijing May 10, according to official sources Rockets, Yao Ming in Houston Hull Mann Memorial Hospital conducted a CT scan result, he was diagnosed as left foot fracture. Doctors said that Yao can not play the rest of the season, which means that the reimbursement of major YAO Ben-season ahead of schedule. Yao Ming does not require surgery, but requires 8-12 weeks of recovery time. Anyone know Yao's injury is far greater than the terrible state of his competitive slump, which has become a big Yao difficult to lead the Red Arrows took off the biggest factor. Now, let us recall the terrible "Yao's injury":

2005.6.16 left ankle, the San Francisco suburb of Fremund rehabilitation center, Yao Ming, the first time ever brought to the operating table to his left ankle bone spurs In addition to surgery.

December 19, 2005, Yao's right big toe inflammation, and ultimately by Rockets team doctor Clayton had his surgery, and the use of adjuvant treatment with antibiotics.

2005.12 right foot big toe, in the last three days after surgery, Yao Ming was given another big toe against the second surgery, it is learned re-operation is intended to help Yao Ming to cure. Yao Ming finally rest in this season, a total of 21 games.

2006.4.11 left foot metatarsal fracture, Yao Ming and Utah's game Pinqiang rebounds injured as well, after the match diagnosed the fifth metatarsal in his left foot fracture. Operation Yao Ming, injured his left foot after the implantation of a nail to help the bone to recover, Yao missed all the games when the rest of the season.

2006.12.24 left leg tibia fracture, Yao Ming and the Los Angeles Clippers in the game was Tim Thomas Zhuangcheng left leg tibia fracture, the injury to Yao Ming, sidelined the final 32 games, but Yao Ming when the season back to After the teams return to play in the dominant performance.

2008 between February 27, Yao Ming suffered a stress fracture in his left foot missed the rest of the season, March 4, Yao Ming, Herman Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas Medical Center, successfully underwent surgery to repair his own experiences stress fracture of the left foot, while the foot bone spurs removed.

2009 GMT May 10, NBA, official sources said the injured Yao Ming's left foot today conducted a CT scan result, he was diagnosed with left foot fracture, the remaining reimbursement of the season, will miss the rocket and the Lakers to participate in the fourth battle as well as the remainder of the playoffs. more miss leading the Chinese team at Asian Championship.

1 injured area. Left ankle: March 1997, Yao Ming Shanghai Sharks youth teams on behalf of Guangdong Invitational, Ouyang Guijing stepped on Yao Ming's feet, at the time created a left ankle fracture. In 1999, a game, Yao Ming left ankle re-injury, this is the game someone else stepped on Yao Ming's feet. In the June 18, 2005 Yao Ming in San Francisco received left ankle surgery to remove bone spurs. Yao Ming is a San Francisco suburb of Fremund rehabilitation centers to remove bone spurs from left ankle surgery, the surgeon is Yao Ming's personal physician, Chinese-American Arthur - D. This is also the Yao Ming, the first time ever brought to the operating table. Surgery went well, did not cause any pain to Yao. Yao Ming's ankle bone spur was discovered in 2004, has been carried out pre-operative conservative treatment and drug control, last season there have been several serious attacks of swelling. In mid-June 2005, Yao Ming, after undergoing ankle bone scan revealed bone spurs injury situation more serious than the doctor thought, and decided to immediate surgery.

2. Chin: March 27, 2003, Houston vs. Los Angeles Lakers. Competition in the third quarter, Yao Ming was grabbing rebounds with Fox, the other top-up to his chin, suddenly fell to the ground Assault on course. April 4, 2005, Yao was at that time played for the sun's backup center Hunter elbow crashed through the chin, after a simple treatment and continued to fight until after the match only two suture needles. After the April 11 game, the Sonics star Yao Ming has been hit by Evans chin to sew a 4-pin last week, hit the wound cleft. September 14, 2005, Doha Championships, the Chinese men's basketball against Lebanon. Section II, Hadi Bu Yao Ming was the other player hit the chin stitches Yao finished 4-pin wounding participate in competitions, the next day another doctor lao du fill the two needles. Because left a scar on the chin, Yao Ming in the 06-07 season, after the start of the build and played a beard on his chin, on the one hand want to change yourself in shape, but this can live with a beard to mask scars that Road.

3. Right big toe: At the end of the 2003-2004 season, Yao was right big toe nail removed two operations, which allow Yao solved years of frustration. Such proactive measures to Yao's right foot and left foot has not been the same fate.

4. Left elbow: October 28, 2004, Yao Ming and San Antonio Spurs center Rasho Nesterovic's arm twisted together, and even issued a "crunch" sound of Yao to miss the final preseason game. More than a month after the game, Yao Ming should be with a one kilogram of black elbow pads for multi-game, how much influence a number of Yao Ming to play.

5. Left brow: Yao Ming's left brow was also a few injuries in the 2000-2001 season, CBA Finals in Shanghai and 81 of the game, Yao Ming in the game and teammate George collision injured the left brow. Although Yao bandaged to play, but still missed the final championship. In the national team training camp in 2003, the Yao in training and collided with teammate Bo Wang, left brow broken sewing needle 8.

6. The right brow: The injury is in the December 7, 2005 in a game, Yao was the right brow center Celtics Brian Scalabrine's elbow hit, blood DC let Yao nine sewing needles.

7. Nose: or in the Rockets December 11, 2005 and the Kings game, Yao the ball at the sideline, Rahim beat up and hit the face of Yao Ming, Yao Ming was on the nosebleed cross-flow, nose, also has left a scar.

8. Leg: April 1, 2005, in Houston and Portland's competition, South Korea's Ha Seung-Jin teenager in a foul, the 141 kilograms of Yao Ming Liao Dao to the ground, Yao immediately painful and hugged his leg . Although the subsequent medical examination showed that Yao's injury is not serious. However, to ensure that the case of the playoffs in the next before the Rockets game against the Hornets, Yao still feel some leg soreness, is finally unable to play.

9. His left big toe: In the 05-06 season, preseason, the Yao Ming left big toe nail off, rest 8 days, missed three preseason games, and it is off the nail so that Yao has left sequelae. We can say that the absence of Yao after the game and this nail shedding has a very close relationship. In 2005, the 12-month 19, Yao Ming of the Rockets and the Lakers missed the regular season, followed by Houston, he went to Texas Medical Center in downtown foot ditch left big toe inflammation of surgery, this is Yao Ming, the second time his life brought to the operating table. After the operation, the wound is still so painful that Yao Ming is very powerful, and stay in hospital for observation. December 22, Yao Ming by Tom - Clayton doctors conducted a second surgery, surgery is aimed mainly to the swelling to the injured area, and anti-inflammatory. Yao Ming 12 hours before the operation began to stop eating, can only rely on the body the required nutrition to supplement the material. The injury is due December 16 in the game, Yao was the Sonics center Danny Fortson did not step on many of the big toe nails caused.

10. His left foot metatarsal: April 11, 2006, rocket away to Jazz, Yao Ming in the first quarter to a half of the race when the left foot at the foot Williams Jazz Williams back a withdrawal, This action led to his forced departure in advance. The doctor diagnosed Yao Ming for the left foot fracture foot bones.

11. Right knee: Beijing December 24, Rockets Toyota Center against the Clippers at home. In the first quarter into the game six minutes 16 seconds. Clippers quick counter-attack, a rocket all the players back on defense, rushed to the basket to help Yao Ming in the suddenly defensive teammates accident. Thomas was shot while standing in the basket being Chuck Hayes knocked a result, the body lying on the ground at the same time Thomas hit Yao's knee, little giant pain immediately fell to the ground, crying incessantly.

12. Left ankle fracture: February 26, 2008, 28-year-old Yao Ming, held a provisional press conference announcing the result of his left foot fracture will miss the rest of the season. Yao Ming's left foot will require surgery, Rockets team doctor said that if surgery is not just resting, you may need four months of recovery, surgery recovery period of 3-4 months in between. Left ankle fracture (stress fracture) is a result of excessive use of bone injury, when the excessive use of muscle fatigue and be unable to promptly absorb the shock generated by repeated collisions, will stress transmission to the bone, can cause a small fracture or a fracture . Stress fracture to occur in load-bearing parts of the body, such as the lower leg tibia and fibula and foot (heel, foot navicular, metatarsal). More susceptible to population-foot load-bearing athletes, such as basketball, soccer, tennis players and track and field, gymnastics, and ballet dancer.

13. Left scaphoid.

Yao's injured so much, only played for so many years later, he may have been injured, or to continue, with Yao Ming back on the track depends on the restoration of previous levels, or into a soft ball, or become a tough guy. If it is the first two words, the injured will be less. If the latter, a high injury rate would almost certainly change the game will be more exciting.



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