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I can play basketball, play well on the sports school?

The meaning of basketball2010-03-09 05:11:37 +0000 #1
I am on the first two, height 1.75M. Weight, 59, likes playing basketball, playing is not bad. However, I'm not very fond of learning, but also learn how not good, so I intend to complete a junior high school on the sports school, is there someone give me some advice.
tragedy Ronin2010-03-09 05:14:35 +0000 #2
I say not into the sports school, ha, I say you are the future development, I read that the high school, like you had the idea

Silly boy, this road can not say that nowhere, but said it was very difficult, I also tried, participated in many competitions, municipal, provincial, and also made off rank, in the end will depend on culture results, unless you have a special top-notch, in particular, very few top-notch, telling the truth, you only two days, if you are taking this road, I expressed support for Kazakhstan, Oh, but can not stop learning the other side,

on my side Hunan province, got the game level and above will be able to send before the six main players, but also Jiaoqian, walking these avenues, or Take two athletes is the card, and then hire their own schools, are troublesome,

In any case, we must look at culture and achievements, you are still young, plenty of time, basketball only as a hobby, talent. This is my proposal Kazakhstan, I am also taking this path can be accomplished, more or less a little voice,

to the posterior of his left, do not stop learning, continue to work Lianqiu, I wish you well for the future than I do, Hehe



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