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How dunk

hwj888536082010-03-09 06:10:35 +0000 #1
I am now 17 years old, height is 1.78CM, Arm Lift is 227CM, the vertical jump is 83CM, run-up did not try. To play the body heat, in-situ can also jump higher, I could not even have been quick jump 1 month of I feel as if nothing even after practicing with the, ah, do not feel old, after practicing the high jump, and then waist is very acid

how we can rapidly improve the bounce ah ah I want to dunk
s888859182010-03-09 06:15:53 +0000 #2
want to dunk? Of course, need to practice jumping, if not higher than the basket above the height of a hand, what to talk about dunking?

After practicing useless? Method may be wrong, but time is too short, do not see the results of ah

recommend a little more experience:

1. Can enhance tendon flexibility to do some stretching every day leg of the campaign, both to avoid sports injuries, but also can enhance the flexibility;

2. to the store buy some leg weight-bearing belt, no more than a 2KG enough to start on weekdays at all times with a walk, exercise as long as it stand it would take. If it is a long campaign, it is best removed in the middle, or fatigue vulnerable to injuries. Adapted to, you can add 4KG, and attention is best not to add more, and more fatigue damage.

3. A day to go home on the stairs when you can jump and leg jump squat training with weight-bearing is also OK, but be careful not to overdose. If you can not, then it looks for open space to practice.

4. A continuous take-off, this was the worst, the best in sports after the end of the case have the energy to practice, or Lianwan this, you will not even think about exercise, and Hehe. In-situ template jump with both hands, continuous take-off, according to their own physical strength, of course, the sooner the better jump, a group of 10 or 15 in a group. Several groups of practicing every day, he is definitely a lot of good.

In my experience on so much. If your condition allows, can go to the power room to find specific coaching practice to improve should be enormous.

178 dunk should be no problem.加油!
Andysuen2010-03-09 06:58:56 +0000 #3
Do not count on a 185 are not necessarily 178!
Huang _Long2010-03-09 07:16:05 +0000 #4
feel no previous Tiaode Gao. . This is normal, this is a bounce period, asked what the professional term I forgot. Because it is only practiced for some time you will fall and bounce to a period of time it has increased. Bounce is a long-term, not a month will be able to see the effect. To persevere, persist there will be results, the Chinese take a 1 meter 72 can also buckle ah, he is out of practice. ,

Refueling bar will be deducted from too slowly!

tainengglh2010-03-09 07:09:37 +0000 #5
to be afraid of hardship. Use scientific methods to practice jumping ... but also pay attention to strengthening nutrition easy ..
tayuko2010-03-09 06:58:35 +0000 #6
Exercise calf muscles

sandbags or lead weights tied to climb stairs

load running and jumping exercises, and Yao Li there is a certain relationship between abdominal sit-ups and training
xiang10932010-03-09 08:11:57 +0000 #7
If you can put the whole arm of the 1 / 3 of all into the basket, you will not be far away from the slam dunk



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