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Yi Xiao Butterfly2010-03-09 06:11:14 +0000 #1
Canada, that long-distance coaches in order to cultivate a very short period of time out of several long-distance running champion is known for. There are many people to him here (inquiries inquiry) his training secrets. No one would have thought that the secret of his success is because there is a magic Peilian, and this Peilian not a man, a ferocious wolf.

He said he decided to use the wolf to do so and sparring. Because of his long-distance training, team members, so he has asked his players from his home to be sure not to resort to any means of transport came to be their own way, as the first lesson for each day of training. One of his players come to every day is the last one, but his family is not the farthest. He even told him to buckle down to action, he diverted to other, do not here (wasting wasting) time. But suddenly one day, he went so far as this team than others, early to 20 minutes, he knew the time he left home, he figured, was surprised to find that the speed of the players today, almost more than the world record. When he saw the players, the players are panting to his teammates describe his experience today. It turned out that he left the house shortly after that period has five kilometers of the wild, he met a wolf. Wolf was desperately chasing behind him, and he desperately ran in front, it actually was him Shuaixia the Wolf.

Coaches understand that the players today because of an extraordinary achievement Bad Wolf, because he had a terrible enemy, this enemy so that he put all his potential have played out. From then on, he hired an animal trainer, and got a few wolf, when the training time, put the wolf release. Not long, and his team have achieved a substantial improvement. ..

There is a person who had tried to swim training center in Japan, he was surprised to find that the Japanese in the swimming pool where Pan raises a lot of crocodiles. In the training time, players jump into the water to go, the coach would soon be put into the pool a few crocodiles. A few days without eating crocodile to see Huo Tuotuo who, immediately bestiality big hair, desperate to catch up with athletes. The crocodile's mouth, despite knowing that athletes had been tightly tied up, but to see the ferocious crocodile or a conditioned reflex like a desperate move forward travel. ..

Whether it is that Canadians, or Japanese, they mastered such a reason, the strength of the enemy makes a person play a huge potential to create amazing results. Especially when the enemy strong enough to threaten your life time. The enemy is in your behind, your moment of sleep, your life will have the adventure and extreme distress.

And in our daily lives (the) many of us who () is guilty of such a fatal error () always curse our enemies () or always glad that he did not face the terrible enemy () or for they have a powerful enemy rejoice () encountered a difficult situation for themselves lucky to () because this is your chance to come to the fore ()

thanks enemies and rivals, because it is they make you to become a great and outstanding. ..

1, crossed out the incorrect pronunciation of the text and the words.

2, summed up the first paragraph, and talk about what features of the structure.

3, "Thanks to the enemy and rival it, since it is they make you to become a great and outstanding." Read the essay, you can understand this sentence do? Your understanding of this sentence to write about.

4, we usually have around like three kinds of people: the first one always curse the enemy; the second always glad he did not face the terrible enemy; the third one will be because he met the enemy and driven to distraction. Please select a person to advise them how to change yourself.

I have chosen to advise all () of people, I would like advice: "()."

kicky_bd2010-03-09 06:20:23 +0000 #2
I have chosen to advise the whole (third) person, I would like advice: "
(harm, small for gestational age, someone you do not recover well, Laojie I have no one for many years to recover the .... 555555555555555). "
Even for the sake of helping others2010-03-09 06:24:50 +0000 #3
1: planning inquiries, the waves of waste

2: Canada has a long-distance coaches that in order to cultivate a very short period of time out of several long-distance running champion is known for. This used a lot of metaphor

3: Do not fear the enemy as a practice only if they can improve

4: The third: Do not be afraid as long as the brave little half-fragmentation



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