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I belong to what position in the field?

hisosi2010-03-09 06:11:20 +0000 #1
I catch a cutting Paowei pull-jumper as the main offense, dribbling grab boards and breakthrough technology in general, do not hit the basket, defense sharp, fast, powerful copy steals the ball. 1 meter tall and 83,140 pounds. Please combine my features to determine the position in my field, as well as what areas I need to strengthen training.
LBJSTAR2010-03-09 06:16:12 +0000 #2
shooting guard ---

on the floor as the main task is to score. His field is second only to a small forward's second-leading scorer, but he did not need to practice like a small forward in general singles skill, because he often helped him find the neutral gear by teammates after the shot! !

A shooting guard often must do two things first is to have a good gap to vote outside, so he's outside the head and the stability of a certain quasi-better, or else a good teammate hardships he denied the opportunity but investment does not go in, then to the team's morale and confidence to deal with considerable. The second is to find the gap in the small gap to vote outside, so he shot is faster.

To play this position, shooting must be quasi -



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