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Tell us about the South Korean basketball team, Ha Seung-Jin

Heart sky high2010-01-22 22:01:47 +0000 #1
nba, he won a total of how many points, how many rebounds, height and weight, how much?
ZERO2010-01-22 22:07:35 +0000 #2
although copied, but I think you readers will feel satisfied!

Ha Seung-Jin to join nba ago, the majority of South Korean media and Korean User called "nba most promising of the center". "Light of Asia" "South Korea could beat Yao Ming" and "at least pick the top ten, When the scholar is not impossible. " Ha Seung-Jin has quickly proved itself: the second-round draft pick of the 44 high-ranking phase was the Portland Trail Blazers. After joining Portland, Ha Seung-Jin maddening averaged 1.5 points and 1.5 rebounds off, Zach Randolph and other team-mates to win respect. And quickly rise to O'Neal, Duncan, Yao Ming, center, etc. Attention! While in the regular season has not been a chance to play, but the major media in South Korea, South Korea, senior basketball commentator as well as the general agreement that South Korea User: Ha Seung-Jin is the Retention to deal with Yao Ming's secret weapon. Because the South Korean senior basketball experts agree that careful study :

jumping ability -------- Ha Seung-Jin is stronger than Yao Ming;

strength and weight ------ Ha Seung-Jin is stronger than Yao Ming;

Technical --------- Ha Seung-Jin is stronger than Yao Ming;

IQ and acceptability ---- Ha Seung-Jin is stronger than Yao Ming;

strength, endurance, mental strength - Ha Seung-Jin is stronger than Yao Ming!

So, Ha Seung-Jin Yao Ming to eat lightly!

Of course, Ha Seung-Jin for the first time at the Blazers game against the Rockets did not play. But the second time on the Rockets a key battle, Ha Seung-Jin no longer be silent!! Ha Seung-Jin Yao and then, under the close defense only to be 30 points and 12 rebounds. Ha Seung-Jin is handed over 0 points 2 rebounds and 6 fouls outstanding achievements! Although the Trail Blazers still do not win (Who let the other players are too weak Trail Blazers out?), But Ha Seung-Jin end of the season for the Trail Blazers re-entered the lottery and, ultimately, won second place in the draft the Rama Coos - LaMarcus Aldridge had rendered meritorious service! At the end of the season, Ha Seung-Jin is surrendered five pairs (24 appearances, with an average playing time of 96 seconds, with an average per game with teammates clap 10 times (including teammates when playing and be substituted); for the score teammates waving towels 11 times, in order to take him off teammate delivery drink 15 times) of the outstanding achievements by South Korean media as "our pride!." South Korean media agreed that, with Ha Seung-Jin, South Korea can not only easily beat China in Asian Championship team, and Ha Seung-Jin, led by the Portland Trail Blazers will win the championship next season! Exciting is that, the river l the town's outstanding performance in the Trail Blazers quickly attracted the attention of senior Bucks! Soon, through the Bucks high-level operations (or is said to pass a relationship), the Bucks and the Trail Blazers to complete the transaction, with the team in exchange for the Trail Blazers Jamaal Magloire后卫斯蒂夫- Blake, forward cloth Ryan - Skinner, as well as 2 meters tall and 21 South Korean center Ha Seung-Jin super invincible. According to South Korean media reports, the Bucks owner, said Hebukeer Ha Seung-Jin will sign a five-year 76 million contract to retain the large super center! (According to a South Korean User said Ha Seung-Jin had left Portland Trail Blazers due to dissatisfaction with the boss out of the contract). However, the United States, CNN, TNT, and ESPN, led by pioneers of the media claim that the reason for the transaction Ha Seung-Jin, because Portland Trail Blazers后卫斯蒂夫- Blake, forward Brian - Skinner and Bucks Mage Luo Doyle does not pay, can not complete the transaction, Ha Seung-Jin as Tim heads, was sent packing Bucks! South Korea's vast online community of patriots who know that after they were filled with indignation that this is an ownership Yi Yinian civilization, once ruled half the globe is too large, and its 40 major inventions are still the benefit of all the great empire naked slander! U.S. President George W. Bush and demanded an apology in person! (Later generous Korean forgiven United States). The following year, Ha Seung-Jin just participated in a preseason games, the Bucks announced the final cut. This must include Yao Ming, Shaquille O'Neal, Duncan, Bosh, Howard jealousy and exclusion, including center Ha Seung-Jin results. Who Ha Seung-Jin is too good out? I believe Ha Seung-Jin will the online community, such as the South Korean media, as expected, in the World Championships and the NBA Finals get 23 points in public, let's wait and see! ! ! !
Hidden wing2010-01-22 22:49:11 +0000 #3
Ha Seung-Jin / Ha Seung-Jin /

position: center

Height: 2.21 meters / 7 feet 3 Weight: 138 kg / 304 lbs

Date of birth: 1985-08-04

Team: None

NBA selection Show: 2004 No. 2 and No. 17 overall 46th overall by the Portland Trail Blazers select the jersey number: 5

is the effectiveness of the team: South Korea Jeonju KCCEGIS

School: Trinity High School

Nationality : South Korea



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