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February 3, 2010 CCTV5 program schedule

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02-03 noon on Wednesday night at midnight


00:30 Sports Report's top events: 10 years of Australian Open Selection 1 / 2

3:35 pinnacle moment: exciting competitions live video reproduction

04:00: Bloodsport 78

04:30 Live video: 10 years of World Snooker Welsh Open final peak

06:00 moment: exciting competitions reproduce


08:00 Morning News broadcast live sports: 09/10 season NBA Grizzlies Stadium - Knight (Grizzlies VS Knight)

data for Beijing February 3, Grizzlies game at Cleveland team. James led the Cavaliers, the currently negative record 38 wins, 11 league Extraordinaire; while Grizzlies team returned ... Knight: Grizzlies VS Knight current content (Full Text)

10:40 My Olympics: Wang the North Star (Wang Beixing)

data for the North Star is the second Wang Manli Wang of China again, after a short distance speed skating world-class athletes, China's leader in women's speed skating. 27-year-old Wang, the North Star had been in Canada a whole ... I am the Olympic: Wang Beixing current content (Full Text)

10:55 cities: popular participation in sports games, the International Finals in 2009 sport Alert 3


12 : 30 Sports DNA45

12:42 Live video: 2009 World Professional Boxing Competition hegemony year-end inventories - the world's crowded boxing (live)

14:12 pinnacle moment: exciting competitions reproduce

14:39 live video: 10th World Climbing Championships 3

15:35 Live video: 09/10 season Snowboarding World Cup (New Zealand Station) Sports DNA45 16:40

16:27 live: 3612009/2010 Chinese diving star Series (Jinan Station) Women's 3-meter springboard finals (Jinan Station 2 ---)

--- Women's 3-meter springboard final data for Jinan Beijing race date was set for February 2 -3 days, CCTV-5 will be broadcast live games for the entire trip . Broadcast live over ...: Jinan Station 2 --- Current Issue (Full Text)


18:35 Racing Sports News

Night Time

19:30 live shows: Gold Stadium season Chinese -2009/2010 Men's Basketball Professional League (Zhejiang, Fujian SBS-.. (Fujian SBS-Zhejiang Guangsha)

data for Beijing February 3, CBA 20th round to continue, Fujian SBS vs. Zhejiang Guangsha holding. Fujian team is currently 9 wins and 9 losses ranked standings ... Gold Venue: Fujian SBS-Zhejiang Guangsha current content (Full Text)

21:30 Sports World: The movement, you have my

22:20 My Olympic (REN)

data for has a "speed skating beauty," said 27-year-year-old Ren is China's women's speed skating team squad. 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, as a new play of the Ren ... my Olympic: Ren Hui current content (Full Text)

22:31 Live video: 3612009/2010 Chinese diving star Series (Jinan Station) men's 10-meter platform finals ..

23:28 Live video: 2008 World Championships Extreme Sports 3

China Central Television Sports Channel television program notice after the release of data may result in an update, please visit the China Central Television Sports Channel Program Guide official website, the final schedule of broadcast programs in order to notice the CCTV sports channel programming prevail.

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