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Chinese Taipei main players seeking personal details

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Dongxiao2010-01-22 23:06:28 +0000 #2
main: Su Yi Jie (controlled Wei / 1.81 meters / born in January 1987)

Wu Tai-hao (center, power forward / 2.02 meters / 1985 2 month of birth)

Che-Yi (small forward / 1.93 meters / November 1971 births)

Ho Shou-cheng (forward / 1.97 meters / February 1983 births)

Tian-base (center, power forward / 2.02 meters / June 1983 Birth )

Substitute: Chen Nian, Li Xue-Lin, Zhou Lan, Tseng Wen-ting, Lin Hui, Cai Wencheng, Chen Jing-wan,

which, Tian, Wu is the NCAA, and Yang is Taiwan's greatest player

ace player: Tian Lei

Taiwan's first basketball celebrities, have been seconds, "Taiwan's Yao Ming." His idol is Kevin Garnett and the NBA, the Kings went to workout. Handsome looks attracted the women because of the fans support.

As early as in 2000, Tian-base is called the first center in Taiwan high school league and became the main Chinese Taipei men's basketball players, rebounding, and third long shot of two of his most prominent features of the 2006 Asian Games and the Qatar hosts a game, the Tian-base grabbed 19 rebounds. Chinese Taipei in 2007 in a Premier League, he had single-game hit nine three-pointers



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