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Playing basketball guard position who need to fine-leg Mody?

Obsessed de scars2010-01-22 23:01:57 +0000 #1
I am 15 years old this year, 179cm tall and weighs 125 pounds jumping ability is also quite good

is estimated that since I have such a height in high school or college playing guard play was the location of the
, but I see NBA guard, including peers around the leg guard is very small呀I have a number of relatively coarse ...

guard is not necessary to increase the speed of some thin legs呀?

Back to Gaoren ask how to improve the breakthrough speed and ball control.

Thank you啦.
Hunan baby2010-01-22 23:17:35 +0000 #2
Height 179 Weight 125 pitch your body should be a little bit underweight

Your problems are more comprehensive, basketball, the basic content of the individual involved has, I think you play very good condition, on the following areas to explore with you what

The following is a basketball (individual) required for physical (according to listed in order of importance)

1, bouncing a high degree of physical fitness: leg strength, coordination, upper body strength

2, bouncing speed physical fitness: explosive strength, leg strength, coordination,

3, breaking the speed of physical fitness: explosive strength, leg strength, coordination,

combined with a viewpoint, players their legs look very thin because of their Achilles tendon is very long, and because sub another job seemed very thin legs. In fact, you can see from the above, the speed with thin legs, basically does not matter. Your legs coarse than others, but rather an increase of leg strength basis. Should be explained that coordination, including many aspects, such as the ligaments stretch degree, abdominal strength, etc., related information available online, is not listed.

As you said, the control of the ball, which is technology and the ball sense of aspects, and this thing is not to teach others, we must own to raise and summarized. Specific recommendations to say that the ball must rely on fingertip, knuckle and wrist to control, not to use the palm of your hand, keeping in mind and body combination of movements (for example, when the change to break, how to use the body to protect the ball, etc. ). The process is dribbling the ball and the earth through the version of the rebound to complete, you need to consider is how to take advantage of this rebound force.

The last point, basketball is the five individual sports, so there are two very important points, that is, passing and shooting, but also now many young buddies neglected children, which takes a long time 2 is tempering and experience in order to improve.

Said that a lot, there are problems to me that want to help you -
cgfgftyxn2010-01-22 23:26:00 +0000 #3
defender must be thin legs? Kidd thin legs do not? He Tuicu repute. Not done the same Hall of Fame class ..

defender of the most important thing is the bigger picture



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