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zoom Bryant 5 on behalf of the basketball shoe prices in the end how much ah?

WC Samurai2010-03-09 17:11:01 +0000 #1
Does not mean that market price 1298 yuan RMB do? Why do I see Taobao 110 yuan, 199 yuan, 409 yuan and 908 yuan from? Which is true?
739,977,7192010-03-09 17:14:49 +0000 #2
price is true - but in fact to buy NBA star basketball shoes do not benefit! ! In fact, quality and price do not so expensive - but he is a star of shoes! ! Prestigious! ! Will attract people - price too expensive, not good! ! Taobao's 88.99999% is bogus - in fact do not buy these shoes take the difference between counterfeit little! ! He will not take too terrible! ! So, if we really want to buy! ! Do not buy store bought! ! Said to be genuine! ! Almost the same, so would recommend buying Taobao - although there may be counterfeit! !

This is my purely personal opinion! ! Louzhu may from time to adopt! ! I do not worry! ! Just want to tell Lou Zhu
cjx199007302010-03-09 17:59:43 +0000 #3
This is not nonsense, but price is really affordable to buy Taobao
ryde is a pig2010-03-09 17:43:11 +0000 #4
Taobao fake
a mole Xingfu2010-03-09 17:23:30 +0000 #5
1 200's is certainly false. Poor quality of fakes is not only produced rough, if the economy can be considered poor, many swindlers Louzhu Taobao could go store to buy a good-size color to try Taobao Mall, inexpensive 2 300 also must be real goods.
shenzhenaxin2010-03-09 19:15:13 +0000 #6
less than 1000 is absolutely fake



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