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What tattoo to remind myself not to make mistakes on behalf of? What tattoo expressed the hope that

Ljkwmzx5682010-03-09 21:10:41 +0000 #1
Please truly understand people, or experts to answer, thank 啦!
miss de all2010-03-09 21:25:31 +0000 #2
1: The original purpose of survival

primitive people living in the jungle, living side by side with the wild beasts, for the sake of disguise themselves, the only painting itself into the natural colors or patterns.


said superstition tattoo engraved images of some animals or a special pattern can be evil or to enhance physical fitness.

3: a sign of clan

Many tribal peoples have the custom of tattooing, the most common religious totem to make identification.

4: Memorial tattoos

modern of the most popular is the lover or the benefactor's name engraved on the body.

5: Cosmetic tattoos

congenital scars, tattoos can be concealed; eyebrows thin girl, can also be used to fill the eyebrow tattoos.

6: self-conscious hero tattoos

to express their strong heroic, or as a strong sign, tattoos are seen as courageous behavior.

7: make determined efforts to stimulate the body's tattoos

carved incentives implied by the text or images with up to remind myself at any time.

8: beauty tattoo

full emphasis on aesthetic and artistic value; put the body into a painted sculpture.



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