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Guiqiu! ! ! "Basketball court" - Lee Lanin 2008 11 bud

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(1) I am not a complacent person, but I can fairly say to you, I am playing well, but technology is full. Even though my child is only 178cm, but this does not that I will lose any of the big man. If you have any objection to me right there, you can come to our hostel 4B-405 to find me. as long as the weather permits, I would always be able to accept your challenge. Of course, I admit that I was not in excellent shape and master, but in the guard position, I had just lost to a very few people.

more than reflections of the last sentence that I know Liu Xiangyu after the freshman had to add that. Liu Xiangyu, it is that a small number of One of several people, as if God sent to the end of my era of heavenly arrogance.

I sometimes think that basketball is the modern Shaoxia their rivers and lakes, there is always all over the allies and enemies of scores, as long as heard the words "black, black" in Bounce the ball sound, a battle began.

I Liu Xiangyu also contest for a long time, and we are very close, but there's always the distance. If we singling out, every time when I saw hope, he will a very slight chance to seize me Juesha. brink of danger, he can always sink to live gas, so that complete failure of my complacency. Such findings arose repeatedly, for me, very ruthless, like a person is doing been no reason to wake up to the dreams, like, full of regret but could do nothing.

Of course, the stadium like a battlefield, winning or losing is everything, winner takes all is that every person who played the rules must be silent. This is actually very simple If you are a ball product is low, the cowards not afford to lose, you lose will be not only a game, but to self-determination for all competitors.

So, I am a man, I lost to Liu Xiangyu, convinced .

sophomore day after the confrontation, Liu Xiangyu told me that, in the basketball court, do not give our opponents any chance of a comeback, do not miss any opportunity to win. That year his junior.

( 2)

I first came to this university, just as each small rookie, have to lament some of our school really big. I'm "big" standard is based on the size of a basketball court to be measured. near the road side Poqiang the green iron fence, there is a large basket of cement site 40; school playground space and the dormitory area of plastic cement spread a number of sites also are numerous. In a bored autumn afternoon, as a "new person" I, riding the bike wandering the periphery of these courses, the number of a bit rough, as many as 100 foot basket. aware of these although I do not have the slightest ground to play extra points, but this is a new environment I am familiar with a model, which is I have a strategy to integrate into a new life. is a wandering, I picked up a ball for Liu Xiangyu, he enthusiastically invited me to join them.

heart of hearts, I even close to stubbornly insist that, for a Environment basketball site visits, is a measure of whether a person crazy love for basketball standards. When I was a lover in the afternoon after a sudden casually asked Liu Xiangyu school basketball a few baskets to make, he replied without hesitation Talk to, 100.

first apartment and the third apartment next to the basketball court. But the apartment next to the first, basically all masters. Some people from the third apartment bike riding 15 minutes to come here to play, but because they want to prove themselves, or just want to meet some interesting master. because of where the edge of the golf course are made of with the barbed wire fence, much like that into the ancient arena, so it has a nickname called " cage. "Similarly, if just to live in the first apartment, but is not the master, but also shy away from shots here.

basketball court is always a place to take strength to speak, so there is never a lack of a war famous characters, Liu Xiangyu happens is one such person.

I have just a few days on the freshman year, when inter-hospital school league began. The first is that we administered by the House of homes on the game, I did stand In the off-excited heart and regret and excitement that can finally see the game, but also the good brother and some technical knowledge Qiecuo. Unfortunately, just because of their enrollment and not to do, are not eligible for admission team, unable to participate in your dream game.

, but did not take long, my chaos of the immediate thoughts were all attracted by a figure. in robust posture, gorgeous footwork, powerful confrontation, accurate one-third, he completely forgetting the collection of all the organizations Defenders need good quality and talent. Yes, it takes talent to play. In addition to behave the action and thinking, relying on its own imagination to play, it is another realm.

"This figure" Even single-handedly suddenly alone with a cast cut 27 points, five three-pointers to vote the Fifth, technology shock audience. because the school organization at this time playing the game only 45 minutes, when Mao, pause, and free throws of the time inside, but also Given that the total hit rate is not high, each have a more than 40 minutes on the good. this time he is the leader of the team shot a score of 5 is naturally impressive. success is easy to contribute to the charm of a man, in He faces handsome victory in front of the sun, forehead showing between the firm.

until the end of the audience the moment the whistle sounded, he raised their hands and burst into thunderous applause from the sidelines and cheers. "Liu Xiangyu," 3 resounding words. He signed on in the game process its own name, pleased to teammates smiled, Dow goodbye. and then walked silently in a corner, that corner of the stands with a beautiful girl, she looks like a quiet endemic Qianhua scattered feeling. Xiangshiyixiao They stood silently, his hug hug a girl's shoulders, the two joined hands and left.

I am behind and some students talk in whispers, said that most cattle buddies Liu Xiangyu, we Hospital Group basketball team has been the strongest defender.

Oh, Liu Xiangyu. a good name. heroes heroes cherish.


After that, the concern for Liu Xiangyu, has always played and is not limited to Basketball master circle. true fans, pseudo-fans, brothers and faculty basketball team, who followed the technical spying. Since then, he's every game, "cage" outside were packed Wai. his handsome looks, as well as basketball were no people can and talent, attracted countless "Basketball Baby" screams. But the real fans only wonderful goals or steals only when a burst of cries from the heart, enlightening.

all of his performance, so that people feel that the title of champion and MVP with his close, at your fingertips.

Liu Xiangyu every game I will go, every time gorgeous one-sided. And I was not concerned about the uniformity of the victory, I quietly watching his every move just to make their own do not have to learn some of my temperament and thinking basketball.

I am also concerned about all his, his learning, his life, his allegations. In my opinion, temperament and ideas of the formation with his daily living, living habits, are inextricably linked.

there is a basketball has nothing to do with the little things, no one ever told, but it is my casual observation: The second and third victory After Liu Xiangyu, and his girlfriend did not embrace, nor hand, the two leave, sometimes even deliberately keep their distance. Later, the girl in the venue for Liu Xiangyu under the disappeared. field invincible Liu Xiangyu, After the end of the game is still a look of regal air waving to the audience, leaving very lonely figure.

I really do not want to know that they have a little knowledge of the awkward problem.

Our House team all the way through the trials of victory to victory. easy entry into the final, against our school's most famous Electric Institute. Electrical College is key disciplines, the professional is the third year students who dream of big hot, taking the highest score is also a school. Of course, not their academic performance, "a move fresh" Their basketball team has won three consecutive titles, the letter of the Dynasty Team. while a powerhouse of strength and stability, while those with such a talented point guard Liu Xiangyu a rising star. This game was full of suspense has attracted so many people attention, the final venue was moved to the stadium lighting course, the time scheduled for after dinner in order to attract more fans and cheerleaders. dark before the grandstand seat has been filled with accounts of textbooks, the fans in the early to even include our Liu Xun Academy has over the old president.

everything is unexpected.

start, both sides played well formed, some stalemate. but the court of Liu Xiangyu character suddenly mutate teammates passed the ball to him, He will no longer be passed to any person, this is not his usual style. he was holding the ball rampage, like enchanted, lost their senses, until you abruptly hit the other player who was referee blowing an offensive foul, was dismayed to put the ball into the boxes that in-situ a smashing, turned silently away. No matter how to communicate with his teammates, he is still sticking with this outrageous attack, such as full of complaints and grievances in return can only be a times mistakes and fouls. Field sooner or later, disappointed boos in return.

When I turned around and around trying to join the discussion of the students puzzled when the corner of his eyes vague to tell me the answer. Yes, I catch a glimpse of a stranger but familiar presence. stadium field lights will be shining the protagonist who was nowhere to Dunxing, so the market will be under the shadows unnoticed ---- it is because unknown.

The thought filled suspense the final battle, but because of the presence of Liu Xiangyu quickly announced the results. Liu Xiangyu did not take long for fouled out to fight, he picked up the towels and backpacks into the path leading to the bedroom. and when he bowed to take things when I clearly see his eyes remain in the peripheral vision I have just touched place. but he only paused, and then without looking to left. His face is water, sweat, or do not know tears. we consciously came a path for him and watched his eyes look like a monster.

watched silently walk a longer distance of the Liu Xiangyu seniors, I think I know the answer, but in fact I do wrong this time of. This is because later I saw the captain of Electrical Engineering, was rushed excitedly after the victory that corner, held fast to that particular figure.

League of the most Canku outcome was the number one hero Liu Xiangyu to our hospital with a team come to a total failure.

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