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Beijing Olympic Games and the Chinese men's basketball team play all of the data

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Chinese Men's Basketball
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men's basketball in the Wukesong Olympic Basketball Hall against the U.S. men's basketball. The game is considered the most important Olympic race in history, is one of the most talked about Olympic Games group match. Despite, and there is a considerable gap between the rivals, but also at the Olympics in the past, the contest is to defeat ended a game which assume personal command of the Chinese men's basketball home and did not intentionally abandon, but a recklessly courageous opponent played the men's basket of dignity, and ultimately lost to a dream 8 70-101, setting an Olympic stadium on the U.S. team lost 31 points in the smallest sub-difference records.

Section pointers Shoukaijilu Yao, the Chinese team at the periphery frequently fired, the U.S. team returned inside and outside the bloom, the two sides from 11 to 16, from peacetime to wartime levels. First quarter ended, the U.S. team 20:16 lead four minutes.

Section II of the U.S. team to seize the opportunity for mistakes in a row the Chinese team was six points with the Chinese team after the request for suspension is not in the long shot several times and errors by the U.S. playing varsity a 10:3 a small climax. The first half ended, the U.S. team 49:37 lead. Wade to take up to 12 second half points, while Yi Jianlian is embarrassed to vote 0 of 6.

Easy side of future battles, third quarter and more than half of the Chinese team by only 2 points. Although the U.S. team hit rate also declined, but still maintained an absolute advantage. The end of third quarter, Yao Ming was injured in the scramble for rebounds and was substituted Yi Jianlian, Du Feng also played appearance. The face of the U.S. team that ferocious defense, the Chinese team back a few mistakes by the U.S. team succeed. End of the third, the score was dragged large 74:48, 26 points behind the Chinese team.

The fourth quarter decline in the Chinese team strength, not only affect the hit rate, withdrawal does not prevent a timely manner, the United States a 10:2 playing varsity, sub-further pulled big difference in the end, superior strength, the U.S. team 101:70 There is no accidental victory.

Chinese men's basketball tournament with the Spanish basketball team opened the second fight. Although in the last game defeat to the United States men's basketball team, but team morale has been greatly improved. From the balance of power perspective, the Spanish men's basketball is stronger than the Chinese team, but there are opportunities for the Chinese team beat rivals. The results for most of the Chinese national team in the race to stay ahead of the case of wasted opportunities, were the Spanish in the fourth quarter to tie the game at the last minute into overtime, eventually 75-85 loss to rival the Olympic Games group match encounter of the two game losing streak.

Start of the race, both teams are not in the first attack. Liu Wei in the cast hit, 2 to 0. Spain scored five points, will go-ahead score. Yi Jianlian to drive the ball hit the bottom line, 4 to 5. Liu Wei-third of the 7 level. Chinese team steals succeeded, Yao Ming inside storms deduction, 9 to 7. Fernandez was also charged with a two-thirds, 10 to 11. Consecutive unsuccessful attack on the Chinese team, Spain Glenealy 7 points, the Chinese team requested a suspension, has replaced Wang, Wang Shipeng, Jiang-Hua Chen, and Li Nan. Chinese team played an 8 to 3, the shock waves will be approaching the score to 18 than 20. Rubio has been Chen Jianghua layup sealed the first section of the score set at 18 than 20 cells, the Chinese team just two points behind.

Li Nan-third of helping the Chinese team will soon be starting in the second quarter the score go-ahead to 21 than 20. Pau Gasol missed two free throws in a small, 21-ping. The Chinese team took turns playing the three insider continued to put pressure on the other side, outside of Zhu Fangyu and Li Nan also repeatedly fired the contrary, Spain, not outside long shot repeatedly in the free throw line on several occasions not in steals back several times by the Chinese team succeed, With Yi Jianlian's dunk with both hands, the Chinese team to 44 more than 33 leading 11 points. Although the face of Spain's court press after the Chinese team lost the ball several times, but the half before the end of Liu Wei, a beautiful fast-break layup, the Chinese team with 46 to 37 lead nine minutes, and ended the first half. Fernandez cut the second half the maximum 13 points, Liu Wei 12 points.

The second half, the Chinese team once again put to the starting lineup. Spain's continued attacks fail, Zhu Fangyu and Liu Wei has hit two-thirds, 52 to 37, the Chinese team leading 15 points. Spain, after making several substitutions to adjust and find his own hand, shot a 5 to a shock wave, will score more than 53 Zhuizhi 42, Yunus hurried request for suspension. Yao reduced physical fate of rest, Wang even take five minutes to play one, then also labeled as a 2 +1. Spain launched a frenzied counterattack was launched late in the third quarter, Liu Wei was injured end, but a technical foul, and fail to cast a no-entry and a succession of mistakes, so that the Spanish team are still 47 more than 61 continue to lag behind.

Finally a Spanish team aim to stand, in the Gasol hit a wave of 14 under the leadership of three smaller than the climax of the score closer to 61 than 64 to just three points behind. Wang Shipeng made two free throws in 65 than 61. Liu Wei-third of the, 68 more than 61. But since then Spain has scored six points to the score closer to 67 than 68. Wang critical moment buzzer 24 seconds hit two points, 70 more than 67. Navarro-third of the, 70 level, while Yao Ming had a pretty four fouls in the competition is heating up. Is Wang's two points to help the Chinese team away from the end of the game when you have 1 minute 8 seconds to 72 over 70 to lead again. Navarro missed with his attempt, Yi Jianlian grabbed rebounds, unfortunately unsuccessful attack on Yao Ming. Yao Ming, Pau Gasol dumped a small hit singles, 72 flat. Request suspension of the Chinese team, this time there are 19.7 seconds from the end of the game. Rubio right Liu Wei foul, but the Chinese team did not seize the opportunity to errors. There are 6.5 seconds, Spain ball. Rubio is not dumped into the two sides into extra time.

Extra sharp decline in the Chinese team physical, Spain seized the opportunity to even get 4 points, 76 less than 72. Yao Ming dunk, 74 to 76. Pau Gasol is not only labeled as 2 +1, but also to make Yao Ming fouling out five, 79 more than 74, the victory of the balance tilted to the Spanish team. Chinese team's low hit rate and passing score tied mistakes ruined the chance, which will eventually more than 85 lost to 75 Spain.

The two sides starting lineup:

China: Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, Sun Yue, Liu Wei, Zhu Fangyu

Spain: Pau Gasol, Fernandez, Lopez, Kat Jimenez, Reyes

men's basketball group match the first three rounds of competition, the Chinese team against the African champions Angola. As the previous two wars are negative, so the game is a Chinese team Shengsizhizhan final Chinese team beat Angola 85-68 and made the first men's basketball victory in this Olympic Games. The full-blown game Yao Ming finished with 30 points seven rebounds and three assists four blocks, Yi Jianlian 10 points and 11 rebounds, 11 points Sun Yue, Zhu Fangyu 10 points, Liu Wei 10 points. Angola side Morais 10 points and Gomez 17 points, Mingas 11 points.

Start Yi Jianlian struggle jump ball, the Chinese team led by the right of access to the ball. The Chinese team for the first time outside on offense Zhu Fangyu hit third, helping the Chinese team opened a good sign. The Chinese team again organized attack, Sun Yue Biao in the left bottom corner three points, the Chinese team to start 6-2 lead. Mingas singles Arab Alliance, is not in the shot. This section race to 8 minutes, Angola attack fail, Yao Ming grabbed rebounds, dunk success, the Chinese team 8-2 in Angola. Gomez not a continuous offense, one of which was Yao's layup sealed. Angola can not break the scoring drought, the Chinese team continues to build on this. Yao Ming's singles Mingas shooting, the Chinese team 14-2 lead. Gomes shot hit, but one-third of the success of Sun Yue play immediately, Liu Wei, outside Adds third, while Yao scored four consecutive points in the paint, the Chinese team to 24-8 lead. Angola outside finally reached fruition, Morais left 45-degree angle in the three sub-Biao, the Chinese team 24-11 Angola. In this section before the end of the game, Yao Ming made two free throws in the Adds 2 points, the Chinese team ended the first quarter leading 28-15 games.

II competition began, Armando - Costa jumper, Angola 17-28 China. Wang Shipeng hit then shot beyond the arc. Wang defensive foul on Gomez, who hit two free throws. The Chinese team offense, Wang Shipeng hit ground ball to the Arab-Israeli Alliance, the United Arab dunk with both hands, the Chinese team 33-19 lead. The upper half section are a breakthrough in Angola to strengthen, insider attacks have risen, Mingas hook shot, the Angolan team will score the gap to 10 points, China 37-27 Angola. However, Liu Wei Yao assists under the one-handed dunk with a given a lesson in mind. But Mingas and Louis - Costa jointly play a wave of 9-0, the Angolan team narrowed the score to 36-39. Yao Ming inside siege to fight back, playing 2 +1 success, China 42-36 Angola. Geronimo third hit open shots, Yao Ming turned their heads off the left side of a jumper, followed by Yao Ming has been stamped out of the Mingas a layup. However, before the end of the game in this section, Mingas pointer by the Cavaliers hit the ball into the Angolan team will chase the score 42-44.

Easy side of future battles, Sun Yue outside shot hit the market the third three-pointers. Angola scored the first half of the momentum of re-section has been contained, Liu Wei outside to build a skill, race to 6 minutes and 31 seconds, shooting inside Sun Yue, the Chinese team scored 12-2 wave height, re-widening gap between the scores -digit, the Chinese team 56-44 Angola. After the suspension of Gomes outside attack succeeded, but Zhu Fangyu given a lesson in the outside right away, followed by Yi and Chen Jianghua together and then cut inside six minutes. This section end of the race, the Chinese team 65-51 lead.

Finally a match started, Costa and Gomes have scores outside, but inside Yao crazy raging rivals, single-scored 11 points. Although Costa and Gomez are still struggling to make the final, but the momentum back in Angola has been suppressed with the Angolan team can not score gap and eventually the Chinese team to 85-68 victory over Angola, live up to expectations to win this field of life and death battle.

Chinese team starting lineup: Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, Liu Wei, Zhu Fangyu, Sun Yue.

Angola starting lineup: Armando - Costa, Morais, Lionel - Paul Gomez, Mingas.

Men's basketball preliminaries continue, a negative win two men's basketball team ushered in the fourth opponent Dirk Nowitzki led the German team, the audience game, Yao performed extremely well, and finished with 25 points and 11 rebounds, Dirk Nowitzki finished with 24 points, 17 rebounds in the end, the Chinese men's basketball men's basketball 59-55 victory over Germany, ahead of the final eight war, four specific score for the (Chinese men's basketball first) 19-9,8 -- 22,20-8,12-16.

At the start, the Chinese team first to use inside and outside the line of convergence, the first shot by Yao Ming used to be two turning points, the next attack, the Chinese team is still open up the situation by Yao Ming, Chris Kaman inside storm get 2 points. To use their Fadeaway Nowitzki answered with two points and Yi Jianlian immediately before the use of jumpers in the Nowitzki scored two points. But Nowitzki hit three points immediately beyond the arc. The two sides locked in a play started, the Chinese team 6-5 ahead of the competition temporarily. Although the two sides can not score for some time, but when handed the ball again, Yao Ming, the Chinese team in the hands of time, Yao Ming, the use of insider Kaman storm also caused a foul succeed Unfortunately, the penalty is not.

Germany's Dirk Nowitzki dislocation singles using Sun Yue, successful free throws, hit two free throws and will catch up with the score 7-8, just 1 point behind the Chinese team. The defensive strength of both sides is very large, Section 3 minutes left, Yi Jianlian hit pull shot beyond the arc, successfully helped the Chinese team to break the deadlock. Liu Wei, after the use of fast-break to draw fouls, two free throws 1, the Wang to contribute to a play on the break through the inside turn shot succeeded, the Chinese team to 14-7 lead Germany. Despite the offensive end of the performance of Sun Yue is not outstanding, but defensive end sent two key blocks, Wang's this wave of attack, it is sent by the Sun Yue blocks began. Section last 1 minute, Yao storm inside, out of balance in the body in cases where a successful hit. Finally Section 1 attack, Wang received a sub-ball teammate, one-third of the. Section end of the Chinese team to 19-9 lead 10 points.

II a start, Germany's Chris Kaman had a walking mistake appeared in the German team used a Chinese team's failures, from basil in the beyond the arc hit, the next attack on the German team, or basil, in the Chen Jianghua shot hit before the third force, will catch up with the score 15-19. Germany chase straight points, Yao Ming, Chris Kaman storm caused by a foul, hit two free throws. In section II, the German team played a small wave 8-0 height. Yao Ming is still a critical time to stand up, inside storm caused by a foul Nowitzki, one of two free throws. Chinese team's offense has not been found in section II, the state, and even a 24-second attack on offense. Kaman grabbed offensive rebounds, had two points storming the basket, the German team down to a sub-sub-differential.

Sun Yue the empty basket to be two cut points, and finally help the Chinese team won the first position II offensive score at critical moments, Yao shot beyond the arc again in the successful hit to help the Chinese team to 25-19 lead Germany. Attack and defense conversion, the German team a foul by Dirk Nowitzki storm caused by Yi Jianlian, hit two free throws. Germany still have to rely on Dirk Nowitzki, Yi Jianlian Connaught kings storm caused by a foul, hit two free throws. Germany will play catch up with the score 23-25, just two points behind. Haman Li Liu Wei with the failure of fast-break layup to tie the game. The Chinese team had to request for a moratorium. After the suspension, Liu Wei, the recurrence of mistakes, Hamann Adds two fast-break points, go-ahead the Chinese team. Fei Molin hit two free throws, Dietmar Hamann is also the successful use of free throws to be two points, the basket tipped in a critical moment Du Feng hit two points in the first half ended, the Chinese team 27-31 behind Germany.

Third quarter and the start, Yao Ming inside again display its power, resulting in Fei Molin foul, hit two free throws. The next attack, Sun Yue Chinese team of three-pointers to help open up the situation, the Chinese team 32-31 to re-lead the German team. The defensive strength of both sides is very large,Frequent physical contact, Liu Wei-pointers to help the Chinese team played a small wave height 8-0, Nowitzki answered with two points. Nan breakthrough fouled, hit two free throws. Germany, relying on Kaman's shot tipped in 2 minutes.

Liu Wei, a shooting touch back in the third quarter, Liu Wei, the use of the right side of the middle third quarter a breakthrough shooting, but Kaman Ma answered with two points on the hard-hit. Yao hit a layup after grabbing offensive rebounds, but also result in Kaman foul penalty shot, successful three-point play. Zhu Fangyu crucial moment grabbing offensive rebounds, storm caused by a foul, hit two free throws. German team when Yao Ming foul rebounds to earn money, as has been achieved five times the number of fouls, Yao received two free throws, made two free throws 1, the Chinese team 45-37 lead Germany. Germany once again competing for a foul when the defensive rebounds, Yi Jianlian hit two free throws. Basil successfully hit the German team in the third quarter last attack. End of the third, the Chinese team 47-39 lead Germany.

IV The two sides have failed to score points and Yao Ming broke the deadlock, using a recorded Fadeaway for the Chinese team had two points, the next attack, or Yao Ming, the Chinese team again added two points. The Chinese team 51-39 lead the German team 12 points. Attack and defense conversion, Luo Leli used the cover of a breakthrough after the shooting two points. Wang Shipeng through the back door, received the basket ball shooting also resulted in Yao Ming fouled and hit penalty. Chinese team won the 13-point lead. Attack and defense conversion, Nowitzki fired in the distance to be 2 points, or Dirk Nowitzki, once again hit three-pointers, will be reduced to single-digit difference.

The two sides experienced a burst of tough defensive battle, the basil-third of the ball opened the defense of the Chinese team, Nowitzki storm inside succeeded, resulting in Yao Ming fouls, penalty shot, which would be narrowed to 2 points difference , to 52-54 behind the Chinese team. Yao Ming, the Chinese team's offense broke the deadlock, using the cover of the empty basket cut shot to be 2 points. Nowitzki answered with a recorded one-third of the ball immediately to help the German team down to a sub-sub-differential.

Yao Ming in the paint resulted in the successful offensive foul Nowitzki, Yao Ming and then grabbed a key offensive rebounds, Yi Jianlian and then hit a key vote in a note to help the Chinese team has made three-point lead. The Chinese team appeared defensive mistakes, one-third vacancy occurred opportunity Nowitzki Unfortunately, a failure to vote, the Yao Ming grabbed defensive rebounds after being fouled and hit two free throws. The Chinese team has made 5-point lead. Nowitzki made a mistake, after the Chinese team successfully steals, Zhu Fangyu was fouled and missed two free throws in the pity. However, the ultimate success of the Chinese team defensive, ultimately to 59-55 victory over Germany. Successfully advance eight strong.

The two sides started the Chinese team: Liu Wei, Sun Yue, Zhu Fangyu, Yi Jianlian, Yao Ming

German team: Hamann, Green, Wei Suoqi, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Kaman

Men's Basketball Group B qualifiers In the Wukesong Indoor Stadium continues to be conducted by the Chinese men's basketball against Greece. The Chinese men's basketball game will decide the final team rankings in the end, the Chinese Men's Basketball to 77-91 loss to Greece. This Chinese team to two wins over three and losing end of the journey the group stage Group B fourth-ranked, successful promotion eight strong Chinese team will be at 1 / 4 final against Group A first place Lithuania.

At the start, Spanoulis caused by a foul on the use of a breakthrough, but Sun Yue Shang Ji rivals a cap immediately. However, Greece began to use a full-court press led to Sun Yue mistakes are two fast-break points by the Span. Although the Chinese team feel good, but very positive Pinqiang offensive rebounds and eventually fouled Yao Ming in the paint, made two free throws one. Attack and defense conversion, Greece used to be two points inside Jiliniya Dargis, Yao Ming fouled again in the lane, hit two free throws. Spanoulis a sudden start to use rounded out inside, easy layup get two points, the Chinese team can not attack the problem has been resolved and had requested a suspension.

After the suspension of Greece continues to use the excellent co-ordination even get 4 points, to lead the Chinese team 10-3. Yi Jianlian to come forward, outside rounded out ball inside for layups and hit, but small sharks play in the paint Yao answered with two hard points, offense and defense conversion, Yi Jianlian got open shots, and then get 2 points. Greece is using the excellent co-ordination Diamin Ti Disi-third of the opportunity to obtain space, successful hit. Wang used to open a small shark footsteps Huang, playing basketball into the board to vote, will catch up with the score 9-15, Span Adds two break points, Wang Shipeng answered with a recorded three-pointers, Qing-Peng Zhang and then use a charged shot and then get two points, but the Vassilis Spanoulis hit a recorded immediately in the bottom corner two-thirds, and soon forced the Qing-Peng Zhang mistakes, easy dunk to be 2 points, followed by two-thirds of Fotsis, Diamin Ti Disi also received two points, but fortunately Wang responsive grabbed 2 points. Section ended and the team 15-27 behind Greece.

Section Greece remained of their offensive, a lay-up on the use of a breakthrough hit, resulting in a foul Du Feng, followed by Buluoxisi also successfully obtained two points, Wang answered with two points, but the post player cloth Luoxisila to hit the outside three-point shooter, Greece in order to double the 34-17 lead the Chinese team. Ziji Si bottom line break layup Wang also caused a foul, but fortunately not in the penalty. Sun Yue successful steals, Yao inside easily get 2 points.

Chinese team and Greece were caught after the attack on the plight of Greece by Fotsis, but two-thirds of the ball to open the deadlock, Yao grabbed offensive rebounds, after barely two minutes into the Chinese team, plus a penalty Adds points. But the Chinese team still can not find the positional warfare scores, Greece by Vassilis Spanoulis another score to lead the Chinese team 43-22. Small sharks inside storm easily get 2 points, resulting in a foul, although the penalty is not in Greece but was grabbed an offensive rebound, small sharks, inside storm once again caused by a foul, made two free throws one. Du Feng has been the use of offensive and defensive conversion 2 points, the first half ended, the Chinese team 24-46 behind Greece.

Zhu Fangyu beginning in the third quarter for the Chinese team finally broke the scoring drought outside shooting, hitting one-third of the successful, but the breakthrough for the Greek Span back two points, but the Chinese team once again made use of quick offense and defense conversion, the ball plug to the inside of Yao Ming, Yao Ming successful three-point play. Greece's Jiliniya Dargis hit two points, Yao answered with two points, but Spanoulis once again reached the inside to be two points Jiliniya Dargis hit two free throws, Yao Ming in the paint caused by a small shark foul double jeopardy one.

Sun Yue errors in the offensive end, Greece appears to play a fast-break three final dunk hit by small sharks. Wang Shipeng the offensive side started to show shooting skill, first use of a breakthrough jumper, followed by the use of a third hit open shots, the Chinese team will catch up with the score 40-56. Storm caused by a small shark inside the Chinese team foul, two free throws one. However, the use of a breakthrough once again dumped succeeded Wang Shipeng, Li Nan hit third again in the bottom corner the ball will be closer than 12 points, Spanoulis sudden strong inside to draw fouls, two free throws one, and then re-hit one-third of Sun Yue ball, but the use of free throws after Greece successive scores, the scores re-expanded to 64-48, Qing-Peng Zhang answered with a recorded two-thirds, Buluoxisi hit two free throws, Li Nan third hit, end of the third, the Chinese team with 54 -- 69 behind Greece.

Sun Yue in the fourth quarter the outset to be a resolute attack on two points, Ziji Si answered with two points and Yi Jianlian shot firmly in the corner, three-point shot, Fotsis, and Buluoxisi be two successive points, Wang hit two consecutive three-pointers in mind to help the Chinese team to narrow the score to 10 points, but the use of the basket tipped in Greece opened the score once again, Yao Ming debut immediately after grabbing offensive rebounds basket storm get 2 points , Ziji Si hit two points and Yi Jianlian each got four points, will once again narrow the score to 10 points.

瓦斯罗普洛斯third hit, Spanoulis storm caused by Qing-Peng Zhang inside a foul, two free throws 1, even though Sun Yue once again hit two points, but Buluoxisi hit again, after the lead extended to 14 points. In fact the Chinese team has lost the chance to win. The Chinese team eventually lost to Greece 91-77.

The two sides started the Chinese team: Liu Wei, Sun Yue, Zhu Fangyu, Yi Jianlian, Yao Ming

Greece: Vassilis Spanoulis,瓦斯洛普洛斯, Jiliniya Dargis, Fotsis, Diyamanti the impact of dis

Chinese Olympic men's basketball semi-finals of the competition conducted at the Wukesong basketball Hall. A high degree of concern in this game, 68 more than 94 Chinese team lost to Lithuania, missed the semi-finals. Four scores are: 17 to 19,13 than 22,23 more than 24 more than 29,15. Chinese team 19 points and Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian 11 points, Liu Wei 10 points.

Attached to the Beijing Olympic Games men's basketball team

Liu Wei, Sun Yue, Wang Shipeng, Zhu Fangyu, Du Feng, Yi Jianlian, Li Nan, Wang Zhi Zhi, Yao Ming, Wang Lei, Jiang-Hua Chen, Qing-Peng Zhang

leader: Li Yuanwei

Deputy leader: Hu Jia, when , Bai Lin

Coaches: Marina Rubin, Mach, Fan Bin, Wang Fang (female), Timms (female), El, Yunus, Guo Shiqiang, Nelson



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