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Freedom is the only rule2010-01-23 01:01:49 +0000 #1
I am 15 years of age this year, before the height of 1 meter 76 do not like sports. Sudden love to play basketball, and fascinated. - Before play on the computer every day, every day now to play basketball. - - But the time I play basketball no more than 1 vote in 10 months in order to feel good air-defense did not have to enter 6,7 months. Needless to say it was against the. . And I have almost always been a high cap. . I want to know how to play basketball (rules do not and I said, they should not copy the useless) I want to study extraordinary and layup techniques and how to prevent risk to suffer. Please say more points. I have only 20 were too few ah! ! ! !
Mobile 13506787872010-01-23 01:08:04 +0000 #2
Your condition is is pretty good! For the amateur, I play basketball also has nearly 10 years since the amateur, first of all to use the brain to play, basketball is the team embodies the spirit of cooperation. And the master should always play, so that would be deployed to your enthusiasm but also have self-confidence. Playing basketball jumping ability is very important, first of all you have to practice a variety of basic movements, such as changing hands, about dribbling, three-step on the blue. To see more progress in NBA basketball is indeed useful and can make you full of confidence and enthusiasm in basketball, as well as to imitate the action inside, not to mention impractical for us what, in fact, we mimic the same time would be great sense of accomplishment , for training basketball
Coffee Life2010-01-23 01:42:19 +0000 #3
NBA recommend that you download the wonderful video, pay attention to their extraordinary movements and layup when the fake action, and then strengthening exercises, do not worry take your time. Believe!
zwq Mo2010-01-23 01:42:29 +0000 #4
Please refer to: alternative, cross under the crotch alternately, behind the 100 under the dribble. To make a breakthrough in the exercise movements. So you will not be off the ball, breaking naturally good, not always stop, shoot a large space!
Diao dead Jay2010-01-23 02:20:41 +0000 #5
15 at the age of 176 have a future I dribble, 22-year-old 173 in the general vote in the general quasi-fast. Rebounds very well. If you are underweight, if the proposed training bouncing, dribbling extraordinary things through this experience, and 1:30 contain unable to speak. If partial fat, then more Yaoda basket, you ask layup skills These are also the lessons of experience to a few thousand will be tens of thousands of sub-lay-resuscitation, (not to mention more) How not to be taking a bit here, Cheats, and forced the Baskets are usually seen to take or interfere with, and then you have to bring the other side of the fouls Cai Xing.
I am what I2010-01-23 01:51:10 +0000 #6
(1) feel is a sense of pitch. In general, it mainly comes from the usual practice, but there is no fixed pattern. Exercise more, feel better would be appropriate. Take the hint, the shot hit rate will correspondingly rise. Of course, there will be special circumstances, such as body condition, and so would affect all aspects of the hand.

In short, there is no practice, there is no feeling; With practice, there will not necessarily feel;, but exercise more, under normal circumstances, is a better feeling.

(2) The cap was the case, each person would face playing basketball. James long ago have been college students is not yet blocks it? Fact, this is nothing. We must first change their attitude, do not let this affect their state of mind when playing basketball, so that status.

Was more blocks, you should learn to use feint to divert attention and want to restrain the first and so on Yang. While the fake is not one or two days of learning things, require long-term accumulation of experience. Therefore, prudent, maintain peace of mind to play ball. Positive thinking, positive practice. Time will change everything.

Would like to say that layup, and extraordinary skills are basic skills that must be followed through hard training in order to get. To a good layup and the extraordinary, it must contain, in which fake.

(3) The lot of practice it, very often, they have their own style of play that he should learn to know themselves, act according to circumstances. Master is gradually began to feel growing up.
Sasayama Sheng Hai2010-01-23 02:45:35 +0000 #7
first see more of how others are playing - a little bit of learning - from the most basic practicing -
cgfgftyxn2010-01-23 04:20:04 +0000 #8
I rub .. when James was university student was detained in blocks of .. .. 4th floor, The recognition character recognition ... and then go back to more serious reading news



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