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I am tall and 170 100 Mi 12 seconds bouncing feeling good at their heads off 60kg box dribble well h

qq3310575032010-03-10 02:11:32 +0000 #1

19,700,3172010-03-10 02:24:35 +0000 #2
normal high school students. . . . Different dribbling and ball oh. . . No matter what position to play as long as the G first requires the ball and then the basketball IQ. . . Do not learn that the level of KOBE singles impossible. . .

Multi-center from a supporting role with a good starting point as long as willing to suffer a high basketball IQ will be playing at the local minimum the name of the school of your mind to think Nash. . . Spondylitis can also be an all-star players had never dunk on several occasions that the real G
丨 丨 丶 Solo2010-03-10 02:41:08 +0000 #3
should be enough. .
JJ_100 √2010-03-10 03:04:47 +0000 #4

100 Mi 12 seconds,,,,

you do not play, and to take part in track and field,,,

hard to say can go to the national team,,,
dingzhanyu2010-03-10 03:41:08 +0000 #5
What is your grade on the years of primary school students directly into the sports school

an absolute full-grade girls in junior high school

senior high school students to attract a little bit short on your explosive power and jumping ability to play in terms of

the best PG, tall and not quite enough to play SG

What is your speed advantage and

advise you that no one can beat PG



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