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What should I buy basketball shoes

yytchaha12010-03-10 06:10:35 +0000 #1
I swingman, 55KG 174CM main playing field of plastic inside the main technical stand up jumper, the long-range jump shot, that is, to stop jumpers plus a breakthrough. Personally, I prefer the Jordan series and LBJ series. Big Brother please help out. . . .
Laonafahao funeral Biao2010-03-10 06:17:09 +0000 #2
If you are shooting as the main means of attack, then recommend that you Wade series of shoes, Wade 2, and 3 is very suitable for pitchers, Wade shoes, plate large, thin soles, but firm, and good elasticity. Pitchers do not jump too high, slightly lower body fat thin soles for strength. Wade is mainly comfortable shoes, long jumper you will not find any bound feet feeling, together with your weight, Wade shoes, the advantages of light weight allows you a better feeling of control when the jumper.

In the case of a breakthrough as the main means of attack, then recommend that you choose strong grip, and shoes are added to help protect the outside of the shoes, Bryant 4 is the best choice. Low-help, lightweight, lateral foot increases anti-Wei-gang, allowing you to change the time of its capability to break through.

Individual is not recommended LBJ series, as the location of your family for Wade and Kobe Bryant shoes more suitable for swingman technical characteristics, LBJ too heavy, but also to help make high-ankle activity to some extent limited. Although there are LBJ4 go after the low-to help the direction of development, but LBJ in the technical characteristics of the sign bit more like a 3,4, which is a small / power forward shoes, and the characteristics of James I, like, rigid, aggressive.

You often hit the plastic, the two pairs of shoes for you, should not be a luxury, I suggest you buy two pairs of time, according to the mood that day to choose to wear your shoes.

The way, if the person really love shoes, do not usually have to wear your walking shoes to play basketball. Basketball shoes is to be worn in the sports arena.
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Can not be afraid to wear high-Gang Wei-foot shoes, high-top shoes are very conducive to a breakthrough. If you really, really afraid of Wei-foot two approaches, one after the other to play basketball, and two wearing Yao Ming or Shaquille O'Neal's shoes, make sure you do not hurt the Wei.
Has not been met y1 Acacia2010-03-10 06:48:08 +0000 #3
Recommend LBJ's. Preferences do not know what you look like.
zhao3727910132010-03-10 06:58:45 +0000 #4
love1sky2010-03-10 07:57:41 +0000 #5
Adidas Ts series of Chauncey Billups, or Tracy McGrady or Arenas (Arenas's not recommended, upper lower, breaking bad when the power control, good distribution, easy to make your feet in the shoes slide)

I personally like this shoe-type

More importantly, its design is suitable for G / F players wearing bad

LBJ series is its sole face too, if the is not transferred to fit a pair of shoes

you play, mix completely gone, no sense

It was explained that large palm conducive to bounce shoes, or help protect the foot floor is not important

In fact, these shoes to try

must be their own test test, Adi numbers suggest that you buy more than his own foot-1 left big shoes

Nike, Jordan, large 2 / 3, you can personal opinion

Teleiximai sub-Jun2010-03-10 07:11:56 +0000 #6
LZ slim oh

so Despite a very good job, if LBJ is that he is too heavy for you

If you are relying on the speed bounce to eat it is not the first choice

but to play technical LBJ2 3 4 all good

AJ series of recent re-carved red full slip 12 good

There are Space Jam 11

11 is a recognized real good shoes!

Biography To2010-03-10 07:15:18 +0000 #7



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