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CBA basketball tickets, Shaanxi and seating issue of pre-sale

suhaoacheng52010-03-10 06:10:46 +0000 #1
I want to know Shaanxi Men's Basketball pre-sale period tickets is. Frightening because of his connections to get good tickets are bought the. Because the big Shaanxi and Shanxi, the beginning of seven games, like to see Stephon Marbury.

Want to buy a good point of the votes, would have to buy the podium, but that people were actually listening to the stage area away from the golf course recently, would like to ask people who go to see the scene where a clear look at the seat location.
danghaoxuan2002010-03-10 06:19:14 +0000 #2
you can buy tickets in advance 3,4 days, Eastern and Western location of the location of the first row is better (during the first basket) (a ticket, 50 yuan), I often sit there and see, no need to the rostrum of the class, the front can be a little to see very clearly, I hope you will support the Shaanxi basketball, I wish you could see a fantastic match.



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