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nba basketball problem ah? ?

hongkong0182010-03-10 10:10:46 +0000 #1
If we say that the most influential soccer is the World Cup, basketball is the NBA's most influential basketball championships are the World Cup, and NBA basketball world championships there is more influence in the world who is greater, as well as football and basketball in the world who has more influence on? ? A detailed description scores ah oh.
xgp19892010-03-10 10:12:32 +0000 #2
World Cup, the greatest impact, because four years time, scarcity value, and football than in basketball are too many viewers (especially in Europe and South America), and you look at the world championships in basketball is not a Each game, packed audience, but the World Cup is different, and tickets already sold out in a few months ago,
a person's right people2010-03-10 10:18:01 +0000 #3
Football World Cup
taogerai2010-03-10 10:41:01 +0000 #4
I do not know 0022010-03-10 10:59:39 +0000 #5
World Cup, the influence of large, because the world's largest number of football fans, they are fanatical pursuit of the football of the campaign, and many countries have to focus on football projects as sports, such as Brazil, Argentina, Germany. Similarly, the influence of football than basketball great.
Fujiwara H attitude2010-03-10 11:53:04 +0000 #6
World Cup effect will be bigger than football, but NBA should be in any one league has a more influential

FIBA's influence and the World Cup can not be compared to
a small non-paste2010-03-10 10:35:20 +0000 #7
FIFA World Cup (you I remember a time when Chinese soccer qualifying Asian country is a multi-excitement?)

The history of football than basketball to be a long time, can be traced back as early as the Tang Dynasty of China, the modern football in the United Kingdom, the World Cup trophy was established in 1928 by FIFA as the the winner a special prize.

World Cup (World Cup (FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Cup, World Football Championship) is the world's highest level of football competition, with the Olympic Games, F1, and as the world's three top races. Held once every four years, any FIFA (FIFA) Member States (regions) can be sent teams to join, while the World Cup qualifying stage of mainly divided into two stages and the final stage.
lxanadu2010-03-10 10:50:25 +0000 #8
Soccer is certainly the largest movement, at least in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America football than basketball fire, the wage levels of all league players the most telling question.

at the drawing board World Cup and NBA basketball world championships are the World Cup preliminaries to the final from the states, either by joining the ranks of , the number of participants, watching the number of participating countries, the concern at the degree of intensity of media coverage are second to none, and may only be able to match it in the Olympic Games.

NBA put it plainly, or the Americans dominated the game, basketball championships were mostly confined to the enthusiasts circle, the World Cup is all the people mobilized.

Let me say that football and basketball pros and cons of two kinds of movement itself:

1. football in the chance, can participate in nature, the team with the advantage, etc.;

2. football venue seeking a simple, physical confrontation in general, causing the individual types of people of all ages can have their own games are played;

3. soccer goals is difficult, but also highlight the valuable, increasing the chance to reduce the poor;

4 . technological starting point of basketball is slightly higher physical confrontation strong, strong or weak, too divided;

repeat-point in vitro, then, the Americans always feel the movement by hand is more civilized, more intelligence, so the United States, several major sports, football , baseball, basketball, ice hockey are the main hand. soccer in the United States has never made it onto No. feeling.

playing football with a piece of land, two bricks will be able to put doors kicked in basketball you need to block concrete floor, and how shelf Hehe
from one to infinity ∞2010-03-10 11:19:31 +0000 #9
World Cup
xiaoheng192010-03-10 13:00:46 +0000 #10
NBA and basketball world championships together, influence, nor to the World Cup half.

There are many movements around the world all call the World Cup final match, but one comes the World Cup, people think only men's World Cup soccer tournament. This is the World Cup's influence.

while the NBA, the final year for the final ratings should be worried about, influence, even in the United States can only be routed to the third place . NBA strong reason for all these years the introduction of foreign players, not much expansion, but also because the lack of development in the country due to the potential.

football and basketball's influence in the world does not require any complex analysis. The world has a lot of things with their feet to kick, but you can hand to film not as one-thousandth of the former. That is the gap between basketball and soccer.
a passing sprinkle salt2010-03-10 14:33:17 +0000 #11
Soccer World Cup's influence in the world is the greatest!
Keqin worry2010-03-10 12:02:04 +0000 #12
ah ah ah ah ah
‖ 11 ‖2010-03-10 12:22:38 +0000 #13
tvrwei5202010-03-10 16:02:01 +0000 #14
The World Cup is once every four years, NBA six months a year in a big fight, World Championship in fact, not many people concerned about (in addition to a team outside the participating countries) . So, the World Cup is definitely the greatest influence. Second, football and basketball's influence in the international community almost. Europe is more like football, but the Yankees are not too much love for football.



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