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Take a look at my physical condition, suitable for playing what position

ftsx6662010-03-10 16:10:29 +0000 #1
My height 170, weight 137, strength good. A good bounce, vertical take-off 85, a single clutch baskets, power is good, 100 meters 11 seconds 9. Mismanagement long shot, the cast can also specializes in a breakthrough.
FantasyZF0012010-03-10 16:26:07 +0000 #2
can only be a point guard. Guardian of the shooting very high scores, your height is not enough to play small front again. Point guard is the most complicated position, ball and overall concept is the most important, which requires the organization, when you have to put himself in the last one is a ground attack on the last point of choice, but still want to strengthen my shot, It is a very important market deterrent
No night Ichiban2010-03-10 16:37:53 +0000 #3
fushuxin2010-03-10 16:58:04 +0000 #4
ball technology, poor big before the ball technology, good can be prosecuted for Wei
asd46107502010-03-10 17:27:43 +0000 #5
large spray 170 vertical take-off 85 which can be deducted Also do not pull a single clutch baskets pull
freeze13142010-03-10 17:57:17 +0000 #6
the name of the time to play pg in the amateur game where playing SG
River Ma2010-03-10 17:50:02 +0000 #7
_____ Kuku2010-03-10 17:02:03 +0000 #8
think you can playing the small forward

strength and jump height can make up for less than
datou1030302010-03-10 18:54:29 +0000 #9
in amateur circles, can play guard ah, of course, this requires dribbling skills and ball sense, if you are present, it is firmly hit in this position; if your dribbling and passing in general, that Or simply point forward to do it, is only responsible for attacks on it. In good condition, but to tell the truth, your bounce always be the young of the class have a monopoly, and the most critical or technical.
Masked ∷ wild dad2010-03-10 18:06:39 +0000 #10
bar guard shooting guard is also OK to break the outbreak of a good speed and pretty tall, if you do not play SF Advantage
697,0242010-03-10 19:04:39 +0000 #11
shooting guard
ultra-ultra-genius2010-03-10 19:02:41 +0000 #12
dribble pass your vision Enhancing



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