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How to train well behind the dribble?

shihaodabao2010-03-10 18:11:33 +0000 #1

Peter Pan № Sound2010-03-10 18:14:51 +0000 #2
Behind the dribble:

Exercise: Stand the bottom line, make three straight behind the ball dribble, each is able to sort of attack is not the kind of Behind a very straight, very straight when you need to adjust the attack, wasting your valuable time for a breakthrough. To do three consecutive steps do not change, after doing an accelerated sprint finish (remember !!!!! dribbling behind the hand movements and different from one another is a way of escape for the last three fingers dribble that the little finger, ring finger and middle finger. so that the ball has a very strong rotation), a breakthrough line of the ball to go forward if a! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This is the simplest, there is also the most useful, and that is double-ball practice. The bottom line is to stand with both hands one holding a ball. Before the change to single-handedly done with one hand behind the changes made to the (beginners may be a bit more difficult). This approach to improve your dribbling the ball behind the sex and the use of the skilled nature of the effect on leaps and bounds.

Last time I talked about this time behind the cross-under, you can combine these two methods. Can be formed in an offensive action, do first a dribble back (to your weak side) followed by a cross-under to the one behind the weak side from behind to your strong opponents, and then change to a pre-shaking, an inter - next to your weak side!

In addition, the practice dribbling, mainly cultivating feeling, "Magic" Johnson's feeling day after day, dribbling through the formation of the (he was not even on the way to and from school in dribble), I would like to explain is that own empty on the dribble, when nothing was shipped for a while, and, dribble, the attention is point fingers, do not touch the palm of the hand ball, dribble it is best not to watch a soccer match, his eyes looking to the front. Remember, we must adhere to, can not give up halfway. When you practice dribbling very skilled, you will have to be crotch dribble, dribble behind the idea, when seen after the race, you get a lot of inspiration to start practicing crotch slowly dribble and other transport kicks. And will go to the use of actual combat. The extraordinary technology, will also look at other people play, they will be inspired by their extraordinary desires would have tried. In short, dribbling is the most important is the basis for a lot of basketball skills.

Basketball training of the most taboo give up halfway, will need to adhere to.

And then teach you the recipe for practicing touch!

W-dribble spin around the legs - about 2 minutes between legs V-dribble - 1 minute on each side behind the dribble - dribble defensive about 2 minutes - divided into two groups, each hand 50 times each ... ... lateral dribble (crab) -1 minutes now take off weight 1-2 pounds of weight, cross-dribble - about 2 minutes spider-type dribble - about 2 minutes one side dribble - 1 minute on each side front of body dribble - 1 minute each hand with one hand cross - two goals 1 minute each hand-dribble -2 minutes twice in a fixed position in the level of hand-dribble -2 minutes gloves made of these training between legs rotate, W-type / O Type dribble -2 minutes circling -2 group of the head in each direction, 50 waist, circling -2 group, 50 in each direction, ankle circling -2 group, 50 in each direction, the legs circling -2 group, 50 in each direction fingertip gloves are now off in front of body tap -50 times (hitting) punching bags - the face of one minute in each direction under the legs of the cross-over dribble - about 2 minutes kneeling position .. . a different race he felt performances, Jesus and his father sat there and see him in a cross under the dribble, in the form of exercise makes you richer, such as under the legs dribble, change to the one under the legs, and back to to the other leg, the legs and then to the next, as seen in the video the same ... lights exercises - wearing gloves and wrist weights in a dark room to do all you can think of action -3 minutes off his gloves, and other heavy objects to do the same exercises -5 minutes to do these exercises five times a week, if you do not have enough time to complete a one-time, then each half is divided into morning and evening to complete the other exercises: whenever possible , with a tennis or squash to do dribbling exercises percussion - whenever you sit down, try to quickly tap your leg, the sooner the better, it is a call-in when the others # # # I think you may be would be to compare, using both hands as far as possible a long time to select some video tapes or Nike ads or other film, which mimic the action intentions to practice a week to replace a new paragraph!

Finally I wish you success!

In the send you a video!



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