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I ask if the high school basketball game heroes separate ways when the other players to push me when

always wonderful2010-03-10 19:10:08 +0000 #1
good of violence, as well as full-court press, court press when Yehao violence this time how to do this? ? Thank you, heroes are the
Lost pilgrims2010-03-10 19:25:40 +0000 #2
bribed referee, of course, is not recommended, ah, 咱 should not be called to play the unspoken rules

ah, referees and of course, do not see every movement, and you have been a foul on the call out, as What is called depends on you, and are generally Wo Yo, I xx of the category. But do not call the old. I remember the story of wolf

diving can also be it, but good enough to be practiced before they can use, in general is that he pushed you, you throw on the half-hearted to the ground.

Do not conflict with the referee, the use of the gap between sections to talk about him. Of course, better attitude, put on a very flattering virtue.

As for the pressed ah, this test technique, you should be able in due course, chanting the ball out, find a good point guard, usually tight-breaking look at the location and route running.
Lotto II a new one2010-03-10 19:39:32 +0000 #3
diving well and the referee is not to try to control conflict with what they have to settle on the floor getting stronger field bad



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