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Did not feel give effect dumbbell

a6890997a2010-03-10 19:11:03 +0000 #1
Every night I give up the day after the End of dumbbell exercises to cite the total amount of feeling there is no more than the previous day, and give what muscles to ache. Not in the sense of dumbbell exercise my muscles but I am in the consumption of energy. Dumbbell's friends are practicing no such situation? There I want to play basketball shooting practice should be easier where the muscles? How to train
a68909972010-03-10 19:15:57 +0000 #2
acid slowly to the right of the stick just fine. Shot to the wrist force biceps Yao Li, together with some leg strength Tiaode Gao
dongzhenfl2010-03-10 19:52:39 +0000 #3
practice this should be grouped with, first of all to choose the weight, the general of their choice. Every time the next group of 10-15, give 10 groups. There are many positions that you access Kanxia picture, I have to describe bad. We must eat meat in order to
sorryb22010-03-10 20:13:48 +0000 #4
training dumbbell slowly to cite as aerobic exercise or else a very sour

practice under the End of tapping the muscles under the arm to relax

leg muscles is the first site to be stabilized in playing basketball or else a lot of technical moves are easy to disarray
crazy small shake2010-03-10 19:48:58 +0000 #5
shot in addition to stabilize the upper waist but also the strength

can go to find a professional training program -
liu69101262010-03-10 19:30:15 +0000 #6
That's right, there is a sense of soreness the best, not the energy consumption of your , but a result of the!
Mody Division all know that2010-03-10 22:04:40 +0000 #7
I am in high school physical health.

My third year of sports practiced for a year. Before entering the sports teams, I would not play basketball, jump shot, because no force jump flip a blue cast.

Into the sports team after three months, the difference is too high. In the sports teams, and one's strength has been greatly improved. Alone in the shot, the feeling is still higher in upper body strength required. Is mainly push-ups, sit-ups, weight-bearing squat of. No other. At that time the sports team at home every night, 300 push-ups, 300 sit-ups, 500 squat (not something to back). At that time knew the muscle up. .哈哈

strengthen my upper body strength, and shooting will only need to hand power to complete the can, your leg strength needed to complete the take-off only. In this way, naturally it will jump shot has.

At that time in school, really popular school. .哈哈. . Recall the scenery really felt at that time. .

Are now graduating from university, and the power had not always practiced, so play basketball have died. . .

In order to return to peak condition, I am now one hundred sit-ups every night, 100 push-ups. Effect is still felt good. . Although there is no return to high school peak, it was also pretty good in that dumb-bell

you have to persist ah, before we start practicing this is the more practiced you will know the benefits of the future. . . What are the effects should persist only

In addition to dumbbells, and do more push-ups, sit-up bar to follow a lot of the role of the principle of a start to pay a small amount of times, slowly. .

For example: At first, a 20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups, one night to be a Group 3. Adhere to 1 week.

Into the next week is 30 push-ups, 40 sit-ups. 3 to 4 groups, adhere to one weeks.

This gradually increases stick to 3 months. . Absolute muscle up



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