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The face of defensive

Hidden wing2010-01-23 07:01:10 +0000 #1
My height 181cm, the power is not a very good dribbling skills in general. I'm reading the High School. Classes, there are seven boys playing basketball justifiable, out of a guard outside the other people basically had no one can guard me, but classroom, who did not play with people who want to play, so we had no choice but to join 5 Basic students will not play (I am talking about those lanes will not be playing is not even out of the shot-level basic skills are not, and some even do not know thugs foul). May be is that this will not play with five individuals, one person can be completely anti-live me, and anti-fundamental even to my shots are not, either break or catch a ball jump shot. He almost five centimeters shorter than me, I weight 65kg, weighing 70kg, he is about running fast, I did not, but a lot of players on the pitch, how do I also did not open his rejection. Even though I received the ball he would in front of me a distance of about half a step, I just came up a dribble he stick to me, and I did not force him well, he can not arch opened, and he never jump defense, nor eat Huang, love reaching dig the ball, due to close proximity in front of him so I can not change the dribble, but for some reason I have to as our team's point guard, which made me very worried, he can prevent that I am not a single field, paste it into the basket I can not start can not be near the basket. I am very worried, how can I do? How do I can break his defense. Us out of an idea, help out! (Now his task is to defend me, and others, he also Fangbu Zhu, he had no ability to score)

tianyagulv2010-01-23 07:07:06 +0000 #2
You mentioned the defense of your classmates, my first thought is that NBA players Ron Artest. Has the power and the same defense as the Niupi Tang.

I think your priority is to improve your dribbling skills, because as a point guard is the soul of the court, is half a coach ah. Only you ball technology, well, can not be easily steal defensive man in order to further talk about you give a pass to do with your companion. Take a look at the famous nba point guard a superb pass it, is really very enjoyable. Magic Johnson, nba assists Stockton, two-time regular season mvp Nash, now nba first point guard Paul, Williams, Ross, etc. are included.

(1) method correctly. If you can dribble dribble behind the level should not be too low, you have time to practice can not be used to pay close attention to the eyes watching, but should look at your floor with the eyes of his teammates who move and defensive move. Dribble the ball should take the initiative rather than waiting for the ball welcome, but can not dribble too high (one of the Bad Boy Pistons Thomas dribbling knees, but has never been extraordinary, so it is rarely down), so that we can guarantee the ball will not be lost . The protection of the ball is also very important, you look at the video to learn to learn, nba players the protection of the ball or the ball held high over his head, or hug the ball in the chest, or hands get hold of possession in the crotch, in short, in the a place farthest away from the defensive man.

(2) be persistent. How do practice? To you talk about Baron Davis Lianqiu experience bar. His daily round trip from home to school journey has been dribbling, all year long so that they are so skilful dribbling skills.

(3) make their vision more open, enhance their own sense of passing. The playoffs, the Spurs defense personnel not dare Nash defense more time to let Nash shoot him, and why? Because Nash is extremely broad field of vision, his shot is much greater than the power of assists.

(4) to improve shooting technique, so that their scores would be more diverse. McGrady dry onion-style pull-STOP jumper is a good choice, defensive people can not jump you do? Huang he do? Dry pull jumper put the ball into the basket on the list. Turned their heads off is also a good scoring, your height is slightly higher again, he is impossible to live in your defense.

(5) suggest that you increase the nutrients, making weight gain, against the more capable it would give you a more aggressive attack, take a look at point guard and small forward James Williams, the offensive you will understand the importance of the confrontation.
lostleo2010-01-23 07:23:01 +0000 #3
compare their slower than their best make use of shorter turnaround jumper, not too far from the basket catch, and make a breakthrough from the bottom line look like, look back Top opponent upward by the resilient line of turnaround jump shot.
Dong Song2010-01-23 07:36:55 +0000 #4
you the quality is not enough. Caixing to 75KG.



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