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Basic Information

--- 0 # heroism

Name: Gilbert Arenas (Gilbert Arenas)

Nationality: United States

Team : Washington Wizards

Position: guard

Birthday :1982-1-6

Height: 193CM

Weight: 95.3kg

Birthplace: United States,, Los Angeles, California

jersey number: 0

School: University of Arizona, Arizona)

election Show: The 2001 Golden State Warriors were No. 31 (second round) pick.
, Who played for the team: Golden State Warriors (2 years)

07-08 season salary: 11.95 million U.S. dollars

08-09 season salary: 14.5 million U.S. dollars

Contract: The six-year 100 million 11 million, 2008/7/12 sign, the summer of 2014 due

Personal blog:

Arenas personal Web site:

Arenas Chinese Forum:

Baidu Arenas Bar: =% B0% A2% C0% EF% C4% C9% CB% B9

Tiger flutter Washington Area Sports Forums:

nickname is "GA" and the "GIL", the game ID " Agent Zero "(0 No. agent), the ball

fans called him" General "to coin the slogan (catch phrase): Hibachi! (- U.S. Japanese teppanyaki restaurant, described his feeling as hot as Teppanyaki!)

Most admired his father Arenas (an excellent actor)

his father was a University of Miami Rugby team defender.

[Edit this paragraph] related to evaluation of

[Comprehensive evaluation] is perhaps the NBA's most dazzling young PG, dual-energy all-star representative Wei, personal attacks on power is extremely tough, the team leader and clown.

[Offensive] fire extremely powerful. Has the league's most efficient emergency stop dribble jump shot, fake movements lifelike, playing the fast speed, shooting high and abnormal supple. A very threatening one-third striker, hit rate is low is because the shot selection is too sloppy. Fast-break battle master, upper body strength, power, speed and agility are the NBA first-class standard, vacated the body balance strong, good strength of the back baskets. Shot selection there is a problem with emotional about his offense greatly affected the efficiency and stability.

[Defense] empty skilled artist, lightning-fast, lurking in the passing lanes on the wolf, eating mediocre point guard who. Zhuang enough fast enough, but not the kind of pride in defense of men, seem to be willing to accept the reality of eating alone. PG very good rebounder.

[Location] then Tianlong Si kurong Master Participation, "Ku Chan," has reached a "semi-dry semi-wing" realm, not to "also has dry-wing" or even higher levels of "non-dry non-wing." Similarly, Arenas is a handful of both attacks on coalition forces and organizations, talented PG, but his two-day commander of a three-day killer, it is not in the two roles rounded conversion, changing Xpress. He himself admitted it was looking for "investment" and "Biography" the best among the relevant points, but look at today's NBA, can do, "cast, the Biography" Several people send and receive the cake and then do?

[Other] locker room prank master chief comedian, clothing showers is his most famous story. The performance of emotional pitch, because team-mate's angry words broke out a small universe, but also because the referee to abandon the faint sub-race. High school, many predicted he NCAA has not hit the ball a minute, so the bloom-toting No. 0 jersey.

[Brief experience] was born in fast-paced world of Hollywood, the father engaged in bit-part player trades. Arenas 11-year-old began to touch, basketball, and entered the University of Arizona under the tutelage of Mingshuai Lute Olson, 2001 Nian led his unit reached the NCAA finals, losing to Duke. Subsequently decided to drop out of school to enter the draft, due to location, height and character of the reasons for dropping precipitously to the second round of the night crying, by the media as a typical over-estimated their value. In the 01-02 season, the Golden State bench warm for a few months, until Larry Hughes injured before entering the starting lineup, but has since soared, reached the Union, the ranks of super-class star. The summer of 2003 in order to pay thousands of years of signing the Wizards (This transaction also resulted in subsequent changes to the second round of the League rookie of the contract rules) ,03-04 season, suffered stomach injuries, unfortunately, only played 55 games. 04-05 full-blown season, not only selected for the All-Star, League third team, but also, and Larry Hughes, Antawn Jamison led his unit to obtain a first time in 23 years playoff series victory, in which the first five pairs of war increases when the Bulls, Arenas hit The key buzzer to help the team won a narrow victory to successfully play a cold-blooded killers.

[Edit this paragraph] rookie record

April 2002 won the West "Rookie of the Month" title

November 11, 2002 Memphis Grizzlies Battle scored a career-high 15 assists.

May 2003 Battle Spurs scored a career-high 12 rebounds.

Arenas career highest score is 60 points (Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Wizards 147:141)

2003 Rookie of the most valuable player match.

2002-03 season, received Most Improved Player Award.

[Edit this paragraph] Large general a perfect career record

now Gilbert Arenas as the fans gave him the nickname "General", as awe-inspiring, maneuvers, unrivaled. Speaking of Arenas's childhood, however, the talented players are not as good as people think as scenery. It has been predicted in his high school: Arenas at the university league are not hit in a minute, now? Arenas with a another 50 + to prove how great their own:

1, the two kings of the 60 sub-par tide: December 17, 2006, the road against the Lakers, Arenas scored a career-high 60 points , and 8 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals per game revenue, leading the team overtime 147-141 victory over rivals. This achievement is also a Jordan can not stand and, when Joe king when the Wizards, Arenas can not go beyond this score highly. In the Lakers home, there was only one person to be here 60 points or 60 points or more results, Chamberlain who in 1966 scored 65 points in the Lakers home.

2, to achieve "destroy days" promise: 12 22, away against the sun, Arenas scored 54 points four assists and three rebounds and one steal in overtime 144-139 by the end of the sun's 15 with wins. Arenas can be found in the sun to achieve such a result, has his more profound meaning. Arenas dream of seven, after initially unsuccessful, he vowed to take the sun and the pioneers who scores! Just because a dream is responsible for the selection of seven players Colangelo and MacMillan both the individual and the sun has countless ties with the Trail Blazers.

3,2007 1 15, Washington's Gilbert Arenas contributed 51 points, his last 1 second of the three-pointers to help the team to beat the Jazz 114:111. This is the third time in his career scoring more than 50, while Arenas in the Wizards home to obtain this result, but also a draw in Jordan on December 29, 2001 created by the Wizards in the single-game scoring record.

Arenas scored a career single-game cast the largest number is 21 times, this is the December 22, 2006 against the sun outgoing.

The maximum number of shots is also a race against the sun's contribution to a total of 37 shots.

February 28, 2004, Gilbert Arenas with the Los Angeles Lakers in the game, thrown a total of 8 three-pointers, this is his career-high number of three-point shooting.

In the December 17, 2006, the Wizards beat the Lakers game, Arenas received a career-high total of 27 free throws.

A total of three times to grab a career-high 12 rebounds.

November 11, 2002, Arenas in the Grizzlies who contributed a career-high 15 assists.

The March 17, 2004, Arenas grabbed a career-high eight steals.

Arenas in the 2004-05 season and 05-06 season named to the NBA third team.

Three-time All-Star (2005, 2006, 2007), is a rookie in 2001, the first one into the NBA All-Star Game player.

There are 3 times 3 pairs of results ,2002-03 season NBA Most Improved Player.

2003 All-Star Rookie Challenge MVP

[Edit this paragraph] NBA player Gilbert Arenas free throw art

and a lot of NBA players like Gilbert - Arenas at the free throw line also has its own unique style, but the difference is that with the other players Arenas free throws to shape its own unique style of practical reasons: "I am such a free-throw style, the formation of the main aim is to make themselves a little to breathe sigh of relief, because I ran back and forth before the court, when the penalty can just take a break about. Now this has become a habit I had. "Perhaps this statement Arenas looked quite good to play, but Arenas free throws before the formation of specific procedures, he has another one reason: "Kidd has always wanted to see a number of other people's actions, and then to imitate. In Kidd's first entry into the playoffs, he began to imitate Hamilton's free throws way, so I have to say is that I might to create a free throw my own way out. "procedures: Arenas will first received the referee threw the ball, first change the tone, and then hands the ball back and forth around his waist three times, and then rhythmically Bounce the ball three times, and Then the ball on the left hand on the right hand rubbing yourself in shorts, the last shot free throws. Arenas explains: "This was all in the think of ways to review technical movement, so that I will be more confident that some, in order to ensure that they can again do the same thing over and over again, so that the ball would be a fine pick out a way into the basket. "In fact, Arenas had their own blog, said he had seen a youth team players to imitate the small Hamilton free throw, he felt no action worthy of imitation, they invented this action, before the order a break statement is just nonsense. As we all know, GA like playing at home, took off his shirt throwing his audience, he once said: so that at least one child do not have to spend money on my shirt. That sentence touched him I liked the collection of signatures shirt, and even Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Johnson's has. He also said that the future you want to open a gym, put forward a window to show them up ..

[Edit this paragraph] Arenas ads Introduction

20070126 - Basketball Park - Ali Nath album

download Basketball Park - Arenas album. rmvb

07NBA season, Arenas 10 brilliant performance download 221.236 Arenas Adidas ad .20.110/upload/upload_213281_2007050513134301.rm

The first ad film "It Takes 5ive" "(in the country also known as the" magic five-Xia "), the five star classic lines, one a mutual link , the star's personal charm and the essence of basketball integrated, highly creative.

Garnett: You have been fooled. Madison: Every time I dunk, Arenas: Sanshisishi points scored.

Duncan : Do you really think that Kevin Garnett: That was my one dry. Billups: But really,

Madison: competition, the five individuals. Garnett: Believe it or not.

resolution two commercials "Impossible is 0" "0 Number Story" Download "Impossible is 0" "This is not the question Can I play basketball, and I want to prove They are wrong, and I remind ourselves every day to work! "This is a declaration of advertising Arenas # 0, He also wrote in rebounding" Zero = Hero ". At this point, Arenas has brought new ad for more information.

Sizzling story # 0
" HI, I'm Gilbert Arenas, this is my story ... ... "Recently, Arenas's new ad is hit, 1 minute long film, cartoon version of Arenas a long dark beard with about Pakistan , sitting on the bench, sitting, and then jump up in a cast.

"# 0 Story" is a second commercials Arenas is also the Adidas "My Story" series of ads for a film Department. Arenas's first commercials was taken in July 2006 of the "believe the five" series, but we can see is Arenas a few scattered shots, and the "No. 0 story" be in the country delivery of the first to Arenas as the sole protagonist of the commercials.

the film's biggest highlight when the number of individuals Arenas DIY hand-painted image of a simple strokes, lines and beard have become more extreme, but very cute. these paintings all from the hands of Arenas himself, that cartoon villain children bench, Lian Qiu, turn around, shooting the action, all Arenas in the relevant staff under the guidance of the great white painting on canvas, a piece of paper out, while the one at the beginning of the film before the camera Arenas's own paintings, it is a piece of glass in front of him draw out. This is written in a vacuum at the end of the film "Imposible is 0" the same principle, that is, Ali Sri Lanka and video cameras placed in the middle of a piece of glass, painting on glass to write about, because the glass itself is transparent, the lens does not come out on the show.

Arenas "My Story" ad words (in English)

Hi,I'm Gilbert Arenas and this is my story.

Hi, I'm Gilbert Arenas, this is my story.

When I entered the NBA,

when I first enter the NBA,

the first 40 games of my career I sat on the bench,

the first 40 career games, I was spent on the bench.

They said I was gonna play zero minutes.

They say I'll sit the bench to wear,

You know I just think they didn't see the talent that I had.

I think they simply did not see my talent.

They thought I was a zero.

They think I was a 0, good for nothing.

Instead of sitting there being bitter, I just practiced, practiced.

But I do not sit there and blame on others, but keep in training, training.

If no one believes in you, anything you do is a positive.

In the absence of people believe you, you will be any effort for their extra points.

It wasn't even about basketball any more,

This is not Can I play basketball a question of,

It was about proving them wrong,

but I want to prove that they are wrong.

Now the reason I wear No. 0 is because it lets me know that I need to go out there and fight every day.

Now I'm still wearing jersey No. 0 because I have to remind ourselves every day.

[Edit this paragraph] Arenas People History


2001 the NBA] draft of the General Assembly in recent years is perhaps the worst of the term, because that one draft pick that is not as known as they did Allen Iverson Kobe Bryant X-generation's genius, let alone 84 years, Jordan loneliness of his generation master. They are now able to name it in the NBA's rookie except Jefferson, Pau Gasol and Tony Parker, only the first time this year, selected East All-Star Gilbert Arenas, and in people's thought in 2001 Draft experience a failure when Arenas newcomers stand out from this session, changing people's impression of the 2001 draft. 2001-02 season, Golden State Warriors were the second round No. 31 overall pick, the second season, which won the "Most Improved Award." 03 after the end of the season, Washington Wizards team to move to given them, started their rebuilding plans, Arenas basketball warrior from a shift to a basketball genius, this is actually done in Arenas to the valiant warriors from a process of . After Arenas from Golden State to Washington, although they can not be the savior of the Wizards, but is already the top scorer and organization of the core, the Wizards reconstruction is perhaps the largest capital of the Wizards from the Warriors.

1, Arizona years

in the NCAA, the University of Arizona is not a super-strength team, whose reputation items unlikely to back the University of North Carolina, but often there is a good team performance. This Elizondo was in the recruitment of new students to the year when the best point guard separated from the main causes in 1997, is Mike. Bibby (Kings incumbent point guard), led only once in the history of the school won the NCAA championship . Following Mike. Bibby, the Gilbert Arenas stood on the record predecessors back in the Arizona recycling legend of two seasons at the university for 70 games, averaged 15.8 points, 3.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists achievements, in the second year in 1105, when scores become the school in the history of the sixth player to reach 1,000 points.

Arenas in college basketball dynasty, there were exhibitions reveal their talents and leadership skills, and Bibby is a very know how to think like a player, his maturity is more like a college education has undergone the rigorous formal university graduates. In Arizona, with his wisdom, he has gone through a careful study of the game, the University became the second season the team a key player in 2001-02 36 games in his data up to an average of 29 minutes per game, obtained 16.2 points, 3.6 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.8 steals in performance, doing my part to become the team's top player, led the team rounded out the Finals. Arenas is the kind of positive about the people at the University of Arizona when the cat team pistachios are more than any other team he thinks this team is good. Because he did not want to in life too serious, except in the basketball game, must be taken seriously. As he said, the game five minutes before the start we amused each other, once on the pitch, we will wholeheartedly into.

However, in the finals in Arizona experienced opponent prestigious Duke University basketball. About that wins the battle, three years later, when Arenas in the Wizards home with the champion Detroit Pistons center MIC tests of strength, when the final second Finals MVP Chauncey Billups has been a fatal one to vote for the game of Huashangjuhao , he recalled out that NCCA championship battle: "It was a loss for the last time I was so disappointed. because we played so hard, but the results are like nothing we go against, but also what failed to be. "And that time he led the Arizona Wildcats also lost to Duke University" Blue Devil "and with the NCAA championship in 2001, missed. That year, his alumni Mike. Bibby last season in the NBA game, "played out" Heroes.

In the NBA Finals with the Duke University announced their participation immediately after the NBA draft, but not the whole draft process according to his imagination so smoothly. Michael Jordan in Washington, then hand-picked high school power forward of the Ge Lien Brown, a first-round draft pick the players up front all the reservations, the first round of shooting guard was selected only three of them came from North Carolina Ford. Arenas until the second round No. 31 overall, was only the Golden State Warriors selected. A few years later, he came to Washington Zhanzhuan is already the name of one of the dynamic arena of the Wizards Three Musketeers, he recalled that when the draft is still abuzz, "Most people would think that they have been selected on the NBA Draft When is the most wonderful moment, I am not, I am really disappointed in the draft that day. I will never forget that day! the future, I may be 10-time All-Star team, but I will always remember what happened that day, That too is sad. In fact, I originally thought I would in the first round the first 11-19 hours was selected. "Two years later, when he was elected in the Rookie Challenge MVP, the Rockets general manager of Road Sen said: "This does not always occur, Arenas, and Mobley cause for celebration. believe me, every time a second-round draft pick, I want to once again find a Mobley and Arenas, the industry is the a dreamer of the industry. "More and more teams on the list in the first round or second round of the front of the location of select promising young players or overseas players, a more stable college players relegated to the second round. However, the NBA Arenas Road and 1998 No. 41 rocket in the second round pick of the Old Cat Mobley, like not being optimistic at the beginning, under the situation of rapid progress in the NBA, finally with Francis to become Houston Spear. Arenas and the old cat, as in the premise of being suspected started his NBA career.

2, Swordsman

Arenas put 0 in the Warriors jersey, which is in his University of Arizona uniforms. At that time an insignificant, it was ridiculed, he was a mediocrity, but also who might have been to pick up his No. 0 jersey joke that he brings to the team's contribution will also be 0, even in school teams playing playing time would also be zero. Who are charged with such a humiliation, more or less brought up his favorite habit of solitude, allowing him to look more like a warrior will not be lonely.

In the NBA's first year, Arenas is not much opportunity to show off, no significant mountain will not dew, a lot of time is spent on the bench. The first professional season, down an average of only 10.9 points, 2.8 boards and 3.7 assists blue results. GIL bite the bullet in the sinking of a season, Arenas began to come in the next season, started all 82 games, playing time from 24.6 minutes to 35 minutes, scores also increased to 18.3 points, 6.3 rebounds , assists and 4.7 times, steal 1.5 times. With the outstanding performance was awarded "Most Improved Award." In this year's Rookie Challenge, the Arenas, and Gasol, Jefferson, Andrei Kirilenko, Parker, Richardson, Tinsley was selected for the second year with the rookie team. The appearance of the new people Cuntubizheng Arenas eventually become the personal arena show. No. 0 jersey-toting audience Arenas scored 30 points, including 23 points in the second half contribution, in his second year under the leadership of students in first half 12-point deficit behind eventual turnaround was succeeded, at the same time to obtain this battle Arenas The MVP (Most Valuable Player Award). Arenas, in his time a graders did not get the qualifications to participate in Rookie Challenge, after two seasons of work, not only the Rookie Challenge team selection, but also became the first non-first-round pick for MVP.

Even so, in the Golden State days, Arenas had the day is not short of non-salty, or the Golden State's weather, not to retain a great player. In the second season through the individual, the small famous Arenas also completed his Golden State Warriors from the My Name is Nobody to change. Season knot, the Wizards out of the 64 million U.S. dollars for six years on the big contract to catch this big fish. In the Wizards last season, held at the ticket buyers to meet 21-year-old Arenas vowed to lead the Wizards make the playoffs, "I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity and believe that my ability. This year will be different extraordinary year, I will prove to you all. We will make the playoffs, I will do my best to help the team, my team will fully assist me, we will use facts to prove everything. "Ali Sri Lanka's arrival in eastern Wizards have the best backcourt. Jerry Stackhouse Although the loner, but the game did not say that the two formed the post-market team can boast of the Eastern Conference. The only problem is that he and Stackhouse who will be the team leader. Jerry Stackhouse in Jordan when the team wants to be the team leader. Now Jordan is gone, came a Arenas, and clubs up and down the right that he was very popular, which makes the Wizards field of "leadership" has a problem. Time bomb finally will ruin the NBA 04 seasons into the playoffs hopes. Arenas to the Wizards will continue to wear jersey No. 0, but in order to achieve this dream, he must first convince the Haywood abandon the "00" number, in a later news conference, Arenas said with a smile that he has approach, "I will give him the ball because I was a point guard Well. we are able to cope with very well, if he let me get that number, I'll have him get the ball in a game 20 times. Whether he needs to What I will promise. "favorable atmosphere show Wizards owner Abe Pollin to the team's hopes were pinned on the revival of Arenas body, and no longer wrong horse.

Of the facts and is not as simple as Arenas said, OK, not really as simple as the NBA. Wizards last season, the situation can be called Yipushihan. Arenas oath to the team into the playoffs still ringing in our ears, but he injured himself been tortured can not play 26 games. The team's leading scorer this season, pull inside. Hughes was also Cleveland's game against right wrist fracture, was sent to the disabled list. Despite missing 45 games of the tournament Stackhouse was immediately activated from the injured list, but the major role he has always been harder and harder in the last game where the lack of command in order to once again laid bare the shortcomings of Washington's road rehabilitation further extension, the situation of worrying. But Arenas was still considered the team's future is bright, "Now everyone is criticizing us, saying we have no strength," he never give up, "but in the All-Star break these people will see the Wizards team's real strength. "Wizards were 34 record of 16 wins ranked third from the bottom east, Arenas ranks" dangerous "thinking" an "ability but is impressive. Trace to 15 years ago. Jordan worked the playoffs this goal over three years, but in the end it also nearly destroyed this end I fame. But Arenas did not seem to meet their own leaders in Washington just a just, from west to east, he is the leader of the feeling, even if there is a Jerry Stackhouse. Arenas then, the tone of Jordan has been a bit of flavor, "You want to make from their own hard work, so it will infect other people. We may not have a good start, but will get a good result." Ali Nath's speech may be his own mouth, for the Wizards is just a beautiful hope only.

However, this transformation of the Wizards from the Warriors have shown his basketball talent, he prefers to share the game with team-mate, rather than on individual performance, in evaluating the Tracy McGrady was given the 62 time-sharing of this understanding of the game show bare : "This game is ugly and grotesque." In the days he came to China, he's the phrase "working tirelessly persistent in training, you already have Yao Ming, you will have more opportunities. full of confidence to play, believe in themselves. sometimes must maintain sufficient patience, a week, month, year ... ... the success will take time, as long as you persevere in its efforts. "more is his upbringing a summary. This season, Arenas for the first time all-star team, for which he was excited, Xian Renjiu said: "Brother, I am a second-round draft pick, but was only selected a total of the first 31!" This is his persistent efforts to a recognition, but also a natural expression of strength and self-confidence, which is a statement from the Warriors to the Wizards, as he said: "Now no Michael Jordan era, there is no locker room inside Jordan's voice. This is a The new team, but the team is also no shortage of veterans. In the past let it past the bar, and now Wizards walk the right path. "
3, the conclusion

the Wizards this season, jumped sharply, the primary reason for Arenas, Larry Hughes and Antawn Jamison this new "Trident" combination display its power, the three all averaged more than 20 points, all 30 teams in the NBA in the unique. "Trident" shows the Wizards firepower - now they can be scored 101.9 points per game in the whole Union, second only to the sun, the Mavericks and Kings, the highest in the eastern part of the first 15 teams. Arenas seem to see the dawn of the future, "perhaps our defense did a number of problems still exist, but we can use to make up for attack." Brave a visit in the WizardsGames, Arenas, and acrobatic layup in general to the Golden State Warriors fans again when he remembered the time in the Warriors team's performance, as well as an angry race fans screamed, "Why every player in After the outstanding performance to leave the Warriors? If you want to become more good, then let you deal out the Warriors will play it. "Wizards this season, is a letter to the Golden State Alumni Association, Arenas, Hughes Wizards and Antawn Jamison claimed the year the Big Three are all in the Golden State Warriors encountered career purgatory. However, Eddie - Jordan coach of the Princeton-style offense to three can be born again, attack the Wizards are heading in the playoffs.

Wizards of the reform program's name has long been written into the Arenas, but the reason they are willing to pay for such high salaries, precisely because its eyes on Arenas excellent operational capabilities and extraordinary upside potential. Not surprisingly, then, Arenas will surely be the greatest miracle of the Wizards this season. For Arenas, the victory is always happy, regardless of to do anything, he always thought to win, do not want to give themselves the moniker of "loser" label. Now hit this season, the Wizards have been so smooth, it will achieve Arenas promise, but how far in the playoffs is still uncertain. It is believed that the performance is absolutely Arenas Wizards is an important indicator. Do not underestimate the Warriors embodiment of the Wizards, or certainly can not eat it will bear the go. Arenas is no longer a 19-year-old's age, he has been growing, and become mature. Yes basketball is time to change him.
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