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Mike - Taylor has been a matter termination Clippers

xiaowu12345678902010-01-23 08:01:55 +0000 #1
yesterday to see that Mike - Taylor has been termination of the Clippers. Clippers played so bad last season, was injured was also Goucan toss, and Mike - Taylor, as the Clippers from the NBA Development League recruited young players played very good ah, finally that time the main control Clippers Wei, should be the Clippers last season, a great harvest ah. Now he is even termination, ah! Why ah? What is news?
丨丶white-ting of the de-2010-01-23 08:06:39 +0000 #2
First, let me correct, the Taylor was selected by Portland in 2008, followed by the Clippers in 2009 with a second-round draft picks and Portland Trail Blazers traded for Taylor. He is not the development coalition.

Even so, however,

in the previous season, the Taylor does not get too many opportunities to show until after the Davis injury, he would get some steady playing time. With Eric - Gordon's constant growth, the Clippers had singled him out as a future focus on training the players, plus they are and from Minnesota in exchange for a Telphere, Taylor's team has no position, This has also allowed him finally been laid off.



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