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Qqqqqqqq29522010-01-23 10:01:50 +0000 #1
1, NBA teams buy players often the case, this benefit me? If you think the player is no longer Dayong, why not trade out, even if the transaction does not become a natural why not wait until the contract expired, Probably when it will come in handy. If the buyout, so not a Baihua Qian.

2, after the players have been bought out, their buyout payments or whether the amount of the original contract included in the team payroll?
calm2010-01-23 10:09:04 +0000 #2
1. The rest of the length of the contract the players pay a one-time payment. Players become a free man, and the money is not included in the team payroll can reduce the team's luxury tax

2. The money is not included in the team payroll

Note: The buy-out contract "is the players and the team signed a years of the contract, the contract does not expire when the team or a player to be a unilateral breach of contract, "buyout contract" action is simply pay for breach of contract payment. the amount of liquidated damages is stipulated in the contract signed. However, if both parties are interested in breach of contract, such as Miller and Houston, the team retired, the team is only part of the payment of all of the liquidated damages, from the formal elimination of the contract.

The following is a contract buy-out will occur several situations:

1. that the players paid low-energy, or feel that the players receive their salary level and not directly proportional, while other teams can not accept the contract (ie the player can not afford to trade.) may be bought at this time the contract.

2. the players because of the long-term injuries, resulting in its inability to continue to play, such as the New York Knicks Alan. Houston event, such a situation makes the team can have more salary space and with the other players signed up.

3. players early retirement



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