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Bryant and Jordan are not comparable?

6 Star Admiral2010-01-23 11:01:56 +0000 #1
One is the trapeze, one fly-Xia.

Startling number Juesha!
Clivia 882010-01-23 11:08:31 +0000 #2
Bryant and Michael Jordan Top Ten gap

1, influence,

Michael Jordan retired for the first time, leading to the Wall Street stock market crash and subsequent unemployment, millions of people. Flying for the first time back of the news conference, the U.S. government to the red alert treatment, major U.S. television stations to stop the normal broadcast. (Note: Red Alert is the U.S. national security, the highest level of alert, only the earthquake, death of the president to appear) in the personal influence reached a high degree, Bryant obviously can not be compared with Michael Jordan.

2, attack the stability of

Kobe Bryant won the career scoring only two times, averaging 45.4% shooting, there are three seasons averaging more than 30 points. Although Bryant had 81 points in single-game feat, but the offense than the stability of Jordan. Jordan won 10 scoring titles, 7 consecutive reelection season (1987-1993 season) scoring this season, scoring seven in excess of 30 minutes. His career, Jordan has averaged 49.7% shooting, 6 season shooting over 50%.

3, the body has a gift

Bryant waist unparalleled strength, his strength with local flexibility may be better than Michael Jordan. But in addition, in the other physical indicators Kobe down in the next wind. Exhibition in the arm length, hand size, power, relative speed, jumping height, endurance capacity, and other physical indicators, almost all of Jordan's basketball player has reached the limit.

4, defensive ability

Currently a total of six times Kobe Bryant NBA All-Defensive had three consecutive seasons NBA All-Defensive first team. Voted best defensive player last season, second only to Garnett Kobe Bryant. Bryant defense tough, but Jordan even better: Michael row 9 times NBA All-Defensive first team, the total number of steals second highest in NBA history; as a defender player, Michael Jordan record gains of the 1987-1988 season, NBA Defensive Player of the best Awards




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