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NBA What famous people have a glass?

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NBA seven well-known glass-man


hip injury, osteomyelitis, big toe problems, left ankle stress fracture ... ... almost every season, Yao will encounter various injuries disease "care", Yao Ming and therefore repeated at a crucial moment in suits and ties as spectators on the bench. Yao's absence will undoubtedly be a major blow to the Rockets because of Yao Ming, Rockets, one is already an indispensable and important piece. Yao was injured, a rocket is very helpless, injuries limited Yao Ming, injuries have also caused the collapse of the rocket. Perfectly healthy on Yao Ming is a luxury.


as the mouth of the last 50 years of public opinion the most talented NBA players, Tracy McGrady clearly felt the pain, injury. If there are no injuries, that omnipotent Tracy will create what kind of miracle? Congenital scoliosis caused by back injury like a time bomb at any time make McGrady pain on a stretcher was lifted out of the market. Now, trapped by a number of injuries, McGrady graceful movements hard to find a trace of the past, a sharp break and the powerful explosive with the passage of time while being distanced.

From the 2000-01 season, McDyess start Antonio McDyess has been plagued by knee problems, the former head of storms in the Hakeem Olajuwon became the veritable buckle of the glass Antonio McDyess people. Incomplete because of knee surgery, McDyess often do not timed right knee re-injury, when the truce became his routine injury, McDyess has been labeled the glass is not surprising that people's tags. Injury fiercer than a tiger, that had been cut off, averaging 20 +10, hoot surprised people have now been short-lived super-ambitious spring only sigh.


Arenas last season, missed half the season, the playoffs are Xinyou Yu wounding comeback strong enough to be watched Cavaliers eliminated the Wizards again. The new season, "General" but also the absence of a month, so far Guiqi not yet been determined. Arenas is now very fragile, old wounds healed the injury again, completely healthy sight. From Arenas In the Warriors that almost ruined the career of the injuries to today's re-injuries healed, it is also among the Arenas minor injuries and that he is the glass people do not too much.


"Penny" Hardaway has swept the league, his comprehensive and sumptuous balls and magicians have certainly somewhat similar. Hardaway his first season in the playoffs, he will be able to averaging 18.7 points, 7 assists, 6.7 rebounds overall results, the second will be selected first team last season and led the Magic entered the NBA Finals. However, Tianduyingcai, completely destroyed the knee is still in the rising period of genius. Starting from the third season, a knee injury, began to repeatedly tortured with Hardaway, a genius this ruin.


Hill in the first season, became the All-Star votes, Wang, action, elegant, outstanding abilities, style gentleman, he received God's favor, he quickly became a first-class stars and Michael Jordan's first successor. People have good and bad fortune overnight, injuries which ruined the Hill. In the Magic's six seasons, Hill to fight all day with the injury, only played 205 games, leaning on crutches ankle Hill Lane booked nail into its own reflection in the magic period. Time flies, along with eye-catching rings fade along with Hill's superhuman ability.


knee, ankle, waist and back ... ... basketball player Vince Carter of fatal injuries as difficult to escape. No coach would tolerate anything and everything Carter's rampant in their own basket, so nearly destroyed the foul way to start the body shrouded in the Carter: Carter time and again by the brutal fouls, a second heavy fall, and this is when the new generation of "night" to costs. Carter overwhelmed the fragile knee, injuries claimed Carter's dazzling buckle of gorgeous violence, so that past glory, "Air Canada" human landing.



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