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lixiaolz2010-03-15 12:10:08 +0000 #1
My 15-year-old, height 177, bone age test grow to 193, arm span 185, weight 81, fat content of 10.77%, vertical jump 68, shot stability, and free throws 75%, one-third of it was anti-35%, no 60% of civil air defense in the school play power forward, low singles general, relatively sharp break, I do not like the power forward, but also for rebounds impact point are not very good, hope you give me a good idea on the location, and what areas to improve advice, thank you, I have only five very,,,
BloveL282010-03-15 12:14:50 +0000 #2
personal humble opinion.

We really can go to 193, but also can not play power forward it, want to play professional team? Should only be a small forward and shooting guard on the bar.

I think that you do not hurry to stereotypes, because a different location, you can get a different experience, learn different skills, simply, you have the ability to forward the low singles certainly will vote than any other small forward Haohen much to be also more recognized.

If you think your basket technology No, it must more and catches the other in their spare time, you can squeeze some time to practice his shooting, more stable your own shooting, so you can both vote singles, it is a good thing for the team, coaching tactics will be more to suit you, so not very good.

The key is they have to be determined and can not feel bad then change direction, and that the road had to go so bad.

A different location when you are handy, you will be very popular.

Finally, I would like to overthrow their own conclusions. If you are determined, they are not suited to the basket, then high to shoot it, after all he's happy to play the most important thing Well.
M_98272010-03-15 12:26:23 +0000 #3
body so well, breaking the still outstanding carry a small front ah
zhuxf1232010-03-15 13:01:18 +0000 #4
If you want to play power forward, then, it is clear to strengthen its own low-back singles and singles body capacity, but rebounds well and limit the impact point you play power forward,

I feel ah! Now that you compare the breakthrough sharp bar to small forward, power forward two basic conditions required are not you a line, plus you are not very fond of this location
zhjl792010-03-15 13:44:45 +0000 #5
From the back playing! Learn Pau Gasol!

Grab rebounds? Take a look at Rodman autobiography!

With your high degree of bone age to see big ago there was no future, and may try to attack back bar!

To enhance your strength training, especially the explosive force of your jump is not very outstanding, I on the Sports School when the 1.85

m, jumping more than 75 before they hit big before, so you have to be strengthened!

However, I now only grow to the 1.93m, Mosha developed, I had to become physical education teachers, you are fortunate that only 15 years old, have a future!

Do not be limited to a fixed location, usually training at the various locations are playing the! Good for the development of your future!
418,983,8512010-03-15 14:13:17 +0000 #6
15-year-old is too young, physical fitness is good, definitely pay attention to maintaining the body,

upstairs to say right, scoring position, or a small space before the test results and if it is run, the future of around 190 to play back the location of , the body can be said is relatively standard, but the small front location is not very popular, so big before or center do not think ...

you do not see that one-third of the number of hits, how kind of shot you before 15, efforts to train , any number of basketball players are trained talent + hard work created by Who can say that you are now one-third of 35% will have been 35%?

Confidence in ourselves, more and teachers, and coaches to communicate, and strive to improve their physical fitness and athletic ability, basketball skills in the ongoing training, raising psychological qualities, which is very important, of course, the thing is not to say to improve on the improved through continuous game, competition experience,

加油! I wish you a basketball strike it stick.
KoЪě ィ Fly2010-03-15 13:26:13 +0000 #7



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