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305 Jumping Exercises how to touch a standard basket on the OK

zdl62962010-03-15 13:11:55 +0000 #1
I am now 163 wingspan 165 feet without shoes run-up can be Mogao 270. Now 16 years old just after. Guiqiu effective.
aunt I call the Eighth Route Army2010-03-15 13:25:40 +0000 #2
Actually, I did not want to answer your question,

when out of the same is to love basketball, I decided to tell you -

either innate or acquired.

The day after tomorrow we must step by step, the

no skills,,

in general, very good jump more than 80 cm, and

In fact, to say that just to run-up is also very easy to jump 80 cm,

day, 100 squat,,,, 3 months bear fruit.


However, such a jump are run-up, and, in your ball handling, shooting, blocks, under the jump is not high.

Because you do not have coordination,

Why do some people Mogao 310, you can grasp the basket with the ball.

Why do some people Shuang Shouzhua basket, but not basket button.

A is the muscle coordination problems. ,

If, as long as you touch the basket in his spare time, the good half.

If you really want in the usual dribble, shooting, jumping, when there are 80 cm of the bounce.

It is very difficult,,

What's more, you are only 163, hand raised to also estimated that only 210 + to jump 90 cm, have been very difficult.

You need not even explosive power, coordination, flexibility, and many parts of the muscles,,

I am 177 tall, hand-high 232, Mogao 314 standing jump run-up 308.

Can be deducted 3-meter box. However, 305 of the box, I have to say I did not buckle.

Jump high, although many of the things, however, is not what basketball is all about.

Jump is not high, as can play basketball well. .

I did not fight against you,,,, in fact, with your hands high, to touch the standard box, is indeed difficult.

From my second year playing basketball, I thought dunk,,,, then I 171 60-kg

I work hard in practice squat, dig jump, weight-bearing squat.

Day, links the first half of 2007, I found that I could touch the backboard 290, and I excited for a long time

and then more practice hard at home, but also several months, I found that I could only touch rebounds

then began to ask a physical education teacher,, and then I,

want to jump high, is not faded step can be strong muscles, and

also need coordination, explosive power, especially the abdominal muscles, as well as chest, as well as toe strength, as well as upper body strength.

Then I started training for these, practice long-distance running, sprint training, training muscles.

In November 2007,, into the university basketball team,,,, and then run on every day, team practice, muscle, power, a day practicing

March 2008, I can touch the basket, and can be continuously a touch or two,

September 2008, to work, does not have much time to play basketball, but I still insist on a practice long-distance running. .

That time has been less than a box of touch,

May 2009, to return home to work every day to play basketball,, July footsteps of tendon inflammation, rest more than a month.

Times and then began practicing dance, in September 2009, but also pull box.

Daily contact muscles, as well as explosive.

October 2009, you can Shuang Shouzhua 285 box, and then practice every day dunk.

November 28, 2009,, watching a good bounce born friend dunk,

I tried, and found that they would be reluctant to buckle forward, and then practice every day.

Now, you should know how to practice begin?

Also, I am not against your faith, you have to pull a regular basket, is indeed difficult,

I proofread an alumni,, 168, body a muscle, Fujian Quanzhou people, be able to pull a single frame, single - a small windmill deduction of mineral water bottles in hand.

But it is still not buckle basket, volleyball will not work.

Co-ordination is very good,,,, but height not work. Hand is too short.

You are still small, and grow in height, and so you have a long high,,,, plus you have practiced jumping on it. . .

Finally, I wish you every success -
dyw09282010-03-15 13:29:49 +0000 #3
You need the power of gold Ke La
Sa Legend of doom Red Brother2010-03-15 13:45:40 +0000 #4
hard ah, I am 181cm wingspan 186cm, maximum run-up jump only about 3 meters 1.



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