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McGrady has not represented dream team participated in FIBA's race?

Huihui's dolphin dolphin2010-03-15 14:10:11 +0000 #1

w9692362010-03-15 14:26:37 +0000 #2
Jin Guo, 2003, Madison has represented the United States basketball team took part in the Athens Olympic Games qualifier, but because of taking into account security issues, did not participate in the Athens Olympic Games, his last race.

The players selected for the national team must commit to three years, including participation in this year's training camp in July (Las Vegas) as well as in China, South Korea and Japan at the exhibition and so on. If McGrady finally selected, so intense race is likely to be injured McGrady soaked with too much. McGrady, said: "Taking into account my body, I may be difficult to make allegiance to the three-year commitment. I think my body is difficult to support the 82 games, as well as the playoffs, summer training camp." McGrady that the , he refused to be left out of this expedition in Athens is not the reason. He said: "At that time the world's environment is so, they should understand that. When I was worried, and worried about the safety of their family members. It's not that they left out my reasons, I am sure." Obviously, McGrady subconscious still hope to be a dream The team calls.
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