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What is the county League of 678,114 Chinese

cnpiaoyi992010-03-15 14:10:45 +0000 #1

xinyan4082010-03-15 14:14:28 +0000 #2
China Shaanxi counties Alliance Network is a group of IMC's Internet portal group, headquartered in Xi'an.

Chinese counties Alliance Networking Group walk the road site to each district or county as a unit, 2862 districts and counties across the country, each county in each district to build a huge portal, and in each county or district to find exclusive authority operators, from the local people to operate a local web site.

Counties (districts) Operations Center, the full collection of local resources, integrate 360-line resources to make your site the most authoritative form of local databases and information base. Then, we use network technology to bring all districts and counties to join the information interchange, to achieve interoperability county, district networking, to various businesses and products to get out of a platform for this site to become local and foreigners query the center of all kinds of information to do - so that local flow of information the world.

The most favorable is that our site does not have space constraints, you can add endless information, guarantee not to lose, we no longer charge.

We are the headquarters responsible for all technical support and training, but also teaches you how to operate, how to get to profitability.

The country has not a web site can do so refined, and no county-end details of the trade classification of information.

Our website is the industry's most comprehensive, information-date, query quickly large-scale portal,

we have to do is - local stations operated by local people to create China's first media network, Networking Group walk the road, this project is to thoughtful people an entrepreneurial opportunity



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