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With regard to one-third of the jumper

wjwworld2010-03-15 20:10:58 +0000 #1
I quite quasi-two-thirds vote, is the general fixed-point shots in the third in-line jumper is relatively accurate, but I tried to one-third jump shot, why does not work, I feel 好难, but it puts inside step into two steps can be done, this is why? Trouble master to support a move.
hermit888882010-03-15 20:23:18 +0000 #2
because your upper body strength is not enough. Not enough to let you use the normal shooting position, power is not enough, it is difficult to control when the strength of two-thirds vote, plus one-third of the ball that far apart, naturally, it is difficult. I like you. Third-line jumper has no problem before the step to the third line is not even quasi-fixed point of. You need to exercise upper body strength.
ffbgff2010-03-15 20:34:43 +0000 #3
That's because your body is not enough coordination, do not learn from NBA, they are aiming to stay in the air shot! According to the Chinese people's general fitness, let's shoot the right way should be aiming to provoke the same time, the highest point before the shot!

Slowly practice bar! Practice makes perfect!
Asuka GT2010-03-15 21:24:28 +0000 #4
1. Jump shot full-body shot of an instant force to coordinate the most power will not be issued waist should not loose-hair power. To do the whole shooting action of natural stretch, or at least someone else seems comfortable. You see there, and a shooting action NBA ugly, and that is an isolated phenomenon.

2. Shot an instant the ball should be attached to the palm of your hand to vote Gunzhuo out, the middle finger from the human finger is the last part of the body. Wrist with the palm of your hand to do a soft shot.

3. Jumper, they should start with the feet hair force, the so-called "shooting came from the feet start" is the reason. After take-off, waist hair force, but do not let lower back stiffness, or shooting posture is difficult to see, to reach the highest point, the allocation of the wrist, pay attention to the last ball from the hands, the hair should be finger strength. To do a standard shooting position throughout the shot, there must be a very good jumping ability, and stayed in the air force; it should be noted that in peacetime to do sit-ups and multi-calf to thigh, as well as the training of

jumper are many different kinds, the simplest is to Base jumper, this is also derived from E-STOP jumper, jump shot, and throwing hand shot their heads off. Base jumper moves basic gist is this: First, leg bent and focus on the calf. Then raised his arm, two arms form a "V"-shaped, the basketball over his head, forced jump, homeopathic hand thrown basketball. Hand details of the action is this: the left thumb and right thumb to form "T" shape right index finger pressed on the spherical center of a circle, note the dial refers to the index finger the last to leave the ball, be careful not to drop his left hand Wangchu, it will affect the ball's line. As for the emergency stop, it had better find a good shoes. Note that the pace of movement in the running time, emergency stop when the feet are to become "8" shape, so that the inside of the friction stopped the use of feet, immediately jump, shoot. Jumper need to stay in the recline capability, a base jumper, based on take-off when the body backward, you can prevent cover. Be careful not to recline too, otherwise they will fall. As for the throwing hand, a bit similar to the hook, but also different. Defender in his back when he suddenly turned, with a single hand cast a basketball court, pay attention to is the one hand, when the other hand completely useless, like the other actions and base jumper.

Basketball training and competition can have many different ways of shooting, but no matter what shooting mode, there are two points must be done:

The first power from the feet-fat, meaning that although the shooting hand, But the force is launched from the feet before the palm, and then the ankle, knee, hip, upper body, arms, wrists, the final power to pass from hand fingers will be voted out of basketball. Strength of the entire transmission should be a coherent and coordinated process.

The second arm posture, it should be the upper arm and forearm was 90 degrees, while the wrist and forearm after the extension was also nearly 90 degrees, and with the upper arm parallel. After the ball of the finger, the bottom. When shooting upward, forward cantilevers (of course, refers to the basket), upward, forward force bent wrist, finally launching the ball with your fingers, so that basketball would generate backspin shot, hit backboard or the basket will not have a great rebound. It should also be in contact with hands of time with the basketball as long as possible (that is, the ball moves over a long time), so that is conducive to the movement direction of the ball, increasing the hit rate of shooting at the beginning do not give much thought to whether the ball dropped into the basket. To focus attention on the body's posture, movements and the whole rhythm of the action shots. Each shot to repeat the same movements essentials, the correct movements become very smooth shot, when shooting will naturally be boosted. It should also be a different location away from the basket, angle shooting.

Jumper benefit is not as easy as the set shot by his opponent sealed. Young athletes may be due to leg, arm, shoulder and back muscles are not strong enough to do well and the jump shot, it can temporarily abandoned, or else due to lack of strength caused by the error action will affect the self-confidence, so that after subsequent power up to the required difficult to obtain the ideal jump shot technique. Jumper's technical essentials are as follows:

your hands holding the ball, non-shooting hand placed in front or side of the ball side (as you put a comfortable position). Shooting hand-placed the ball back, knees peg-leg, his hands on the ball from the chest to move the eye at the top, and then his legs upward bounce. Jump when the elbow (forearm backwards), the wrist has turned back. Skip to the highest point, the forearm protrusion, wrist forward, throw the ball down with the ball movement (see on the shot) to fully, the eyes must always live in the basket Ding.

One-third of online jump start may be due to insufficient power to vote or to develop a long time in the habit of force can not vote in local, Louzhu can vote in Britain before practice, and slowly adapted to the long-range shots, you can naturally jump shot - the not seen in many national team players in the third line is also unguarded, when Britain voted with Yao?

Moreover, shooting habits are related, and some players in the investment process, the habit of shooting, when a little endurance, strength endurance necessarily influential, for investment in long shot, but it does not matter in terms of nature is not the case, you can try the practice in the long shot when one-third reduction in the time stayed in the air. Try to practice more bar!

Jumper when the arm muscles to coordinate work, take-off time, through the knee, spine, upper body strength to a reasonable spread to the arm, the ball forward from the waist and wrist power to require abdominal contraction pulling the waist, but also to grasp wrist flexibility, so as to cast out the forces of moderate and reasonable curve ball, take-off time, after the body up or want to try to avoid red jump forward.



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