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Where is the other side restricted zones

lovekfckfc2010-03-15 20:11:18 +0000 #1
Overall there are two restricted zones that right
and_Fan2010-03-15 20:22:32 +0000 #2
Overall there are two restricted areas (the paint)

how should I say.

Offensive side. In their attack basket underneath. where is their area of 3 seconds.

This interpretation should be more okay with you.

Another defensive 3 seconds.

is the Defensive Player of the defensive stand inside the restricted area, if the referee found that he "did not go to the defense any one particular offensive player ", then the defensive player who can not stay closed and that more than three seconds, otherwise you will be regarded as" defensive three seconds unauthorized "access to a free-throw line by the attacking team, and continues to retains the right to attack.

But only a 啦 NBA.

3 seconds area is the two sides have.

Only one side of an offensive sub-3 seconds, the defensive side of the sub-3 seconds.
, But is the NBA defensive 3 seconds only for .

So we here in general is considered offensive three seconds.



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